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The Captain

Ok this is where I’m supposed to start off with a long drawn-out “RRRRrrrrrrrrr!!!” and talk about how even with one bad eye I can still see yer knobby knees a-shakin.  And how it’s time to batten down the hatches and hoist the sails for we’re about to set sail on the ocean blue.  Well I’m not going to say any of that, even though I just did, because it’s all a facade.  Yes, that’s right I’m a fake pirate with a fake pirate ship.  I mean, look at that picture of me, do I look like a pirate?  A ninja maybe.  But not a pirate.  A fake ninja pirate that knows a thing or two about shaving products, (even tho I have a beard in that picture).

This website is run by I, Captain Rob.  I am relatively new to wetshaving, having started in October of 2012 in preparation for Movember ’12.  As I started learning about all the scents out there I was blown away.  You see, I’m not the biggest fan of the big perfume/cologne counter at the mall.  So I had always shied away from aftershaves and colognes, thinking they all smelled the same, musky.

Then when I finally dove in and bought my first straight razor, I also ordered Geo F. Trumper’s Sandalwood skin food and I was absolutely blown away.  I was amazed that an aftershave could actually smell this good!  That’s when I started really digging around the shaving message boards and online communities.  I started reading about all these scents out there that I had no idea even really existed.

Then I started reading about bay rum.  I started getting excited by the talk of scents of cinnamon, and citrus, and vanilla.  I thought, wow, this is right up my alley.  There was one cologne that I used to wear some twenty years ago when I worked at a Renaissance Festival in New York, and it was a pure vanilla scent.  While it was a little cloying, it had such great staying power, was sweet and not musky, and the girls there really loved it.

So as I started reading these bay rum reviews, I started getting excited.  But which bay rum to buy.  I could spend hundreds of dollars just getting a few of the bay rums that were being talked about.  But for each brand out there, there were several types of bay rums per brand.  Ogallala has five or so bay rums.  St Johns has three.  Am I going to be missing out by not trying others?

So I set out to find a sample, and find one I did.  Barclay Crocker had a sample set of 20+ bay rums.  So I ordered it, and spent the month of January 2013 trying out one a day.  I didn’t want to forget my experience with each of these samples, so I decided I would write a diary of sorts, explaining how I felt about each one.

And that is how this website came to be.  I am finished with the sampler, but realize that I have not hit every bay rum out there.  And the sampler had only aftershave/colognes.  So I will be trying shaving soaps and creams as well.  And I do like other scents as well, so I will not be sticking only to bay rums.

A note to all the soap/cologne makers out there, if you would like to have your product reviewed on this website, shoot me an email at captainrob@bayrumdiaries.com, (by the way, I was recently notified that I had a bad email address listed here.. If I did not get back to an email you’ve sent, please hit me up at this one, and I apologize) and I will send you my address so that you can send me a sample or bottle/tin of your product.  My appetite for shaving products is pretty much insatiable at this point.

Happy fake sailing!

Captain Rob

15 thoughts on “About The Captain

  1. Karl

    Ahoy Captain,
    Permission to com aboard?

    I’ve enjoyed reading you reviews, captain, and envy the bounties of a bay rhum pirate, but if you don’t mind me asking sir… if you could pick one, and only one – say your desert island bay rhum – which one would it be? (scent, longevity..?)

    That be said, I’ll set me sails on acquiring a bottle.



    1. CaptainRob Post author

      Hey Karl! Sorry for the late reply!

      You have asked the impossible… But going over my reviews, I do remember a few standouts: Kramperts, Captain’s Choice, Ogalalla, Bey Shave, Phoenix (formerly HTGAM). All of these are made by hand with lots of love by their makers, and none of them are too clovey, which a good chunk of people take issue with. Personally I don’t mind clove unless it makes it too much like a harvest potpourri.

      But some of those early reviews of mine were off of samples three years ago so it’s hard to remember which I liked more than others. But if I seem genuinely excited in a review, I’m actually genuinely excited.

      Good Luck! Honestly, you can’t go wrong with most of them.

  2. Tate Stevens

    Would you be able to email me the name of the Brooklyn deli where you picked up Superior 70 Bay Rum?
    I can’t find it anywhere and I don’t want to pay the ridiculous markup that’s charged by 3rd party resellers on Amazon. There’s also a menthol version in a green bottle. Walgreen’s sometimes carries the Bay Rum, but they rarely have it in stock. If you follow the shaving forums, Superior 70 is used in a mix with other bay rums to create a super bay rum.

  3. Allen

    Would love to get our bay rum in your hands to check out. If interested please let me know and I’ll get it out to you right away.

  4. Alan

    Captain Rob: I have been inspired by your foray into the world of Bay Rum. I’m currently in the process of trying some of the products reviewed here and appreciate your insight. Keep the reviews coming and don’t give up the ship! Crewman Al

  5. Richard

    Greeting Cap’n Rob,

    Just came across your blog, and have been working through your reviews.

    This is an awesome reource, especially as there’s one mind behind it so the thinking and terminology is refreshingly consistent. Also the range of product is extensive.

    Many thanks, and fair sailing.

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  7. Kitty

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  8. John Carinci

    Dear Captain Rob

    Enjoy reading your Bay Rum Diaries product reviews. Would like to know if you would like to review a few of our Elvado products . I would be pleased to send you a few samples like our MoBay Rum Shaving Soap and After Shave Splash ( seems like you enjoy Bay Rum scent ) along with a few others . Please forward your mailing address and we will prepare a sample kit for you.

    Best Regards
    John Carinci
    Elvado for Men

  9. Mike Holtgrefe

    Captain Rob

    I am the maker of “The American Bay Rum”. I have been
    working on it for about 2 years now and I would love it if you
    would review my Bay Rum. Please send me your address so I can
    ship you a bottle of our wonderfull product.

    Mike Holtgrefe
    The American Bay Rum

  10. peter

    Hi Rob,

    Love to send you some samples of my new line.

    Ship and a motley crew are on standby, awaiting your coordinates.


    schăf skin care


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