Review: Col. Conk – Bay Rum Aftershave Cologne

Col. Conk - Bay Rum Aftershave Cologne

Col. Conk – Bay Rum Aftershave Cologne

Went away this weekend, and I am back with another bay rum diary entry.  Today, I had a great shave, after letting it go for a few days.  Nothing my Gillette Fatboy with Feather blade couldn’t handle.  There were a couple nicks, though, so I had braced myself for a little burn when applying this aftershave.

However, no burn was to be had. Col. Conk’s Bay Rum Aftershave Cologne went on nice and cool and had no discernable burn.  Was that the aftershave or was it my mad shaving skills?  Maybe somewhere in between.

The smell was quite different from the other bay rums I have tried so far, and it is a really interesting scent.  I don’t get clove or cinnamon, two spices I have come to expect from bay rums.  Right away, the top notes have a lively citrus feel to them, and it comes on like a rush.  After a few minutes, the citrus fades and leaves more of a woody incense aroma to it.  It’s earthy and definitely feels like a vintage barbershop scent.

I actually really like this scent the more and more I smell it.  And as it settles it hangs on to that classic barbershop scent with the faintest hint of the bay rum carried through.  This one also lasted a bit longer than other bay rums I have tried.  Overall an excellent and unique experience.

(This review is of a sample decant of the original product, and as such I cannot guarantee that the sample contained the appropriate mixture of the original ingredients.)

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  1. Babalon

    Hmm, I have never used Ray Rum cologne, however, my favorite two are Burt’s bees and The art of shaving aftershave. Anyway, good review!


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