Review: Dominica – Caribbean West Indies Bay Rum Aftershave

Dominica - Caribbean West Indies Bay Rum Aftershave

Dominica – Caribbean West Indies Bay Rum Aftershave

After some research, I found that this aftershave comes from the Dominica estate, thus while it might not say so in some places, this is a Dominica bay rum.  That said, this is a mentholated aftershave, and pretty straight up at that.

Caribbean West Indies Bay Rum goes on like a tiger.  Wait, it actually goes on more like a tiger that has just sprinted a mile atop a glacier.  Carrying a bundle of bay leaves in it’s teeth.  Yeah, thats about right.  It goes on sharp and very cool.  I actually didn’t know it had menthol before putting it on, but it became immediately clear.  The menthol/alcohol combo makes it very cool and also does a fantastic job of letting you know – right away – where you went too aggressive with the razor.

After trying about 20 bay rums I have become quite accustomed to the scent of bay rum, and this one has no fillers.  It is straight up bay rum oil.  So if you’re the type that doesn’t care about citrusy top notes or sultry base notes, and just want a straight-up bay rum scent, this is one to check out.  Bonus points for those of you who crave that unmistakable cool rush that only true menthol will bring.  While this may not be my cup of tea, it is no doubt a solid product with an excellent pure bay rum scent.

(This review is of a sample decant of the original product, and as such I cannot guarantee that the sample contained the appropriate mixture of the original ingredients.)

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