Review: Dominica – Double Distilled Bay Rum

Dominica - Double Distilled Bay Rum

Dominica – Double Distilled Bay Rum

Today was the day.  When reading forum posts about bay rums, this brand (and one other that didn’t come in the sampler pack) came up as a top favorite.  So I’ve been holding back, putting other ones to the test to get a good feel for the competition before coming to Dominica.

I had a very good shave today.  No nicks, and a bbs (baby-butt smooth) shave.  Then I reached into my bag of samplers and found the one: Dominica double distilled.  I emptied about two thirds of the sampler (typically been doing this, saving the last bit for a touch-up during the day) and splashed it on my face.  It has a nice cool clean feeling with a noticeable burn.  But, with alcohol as a primary ingredient, I suppose this is a bit expected.

The smell is pure bay rum.  I’ve read other reviewers mentioning a clovey smell, which I can understand, as the classic bay rum scent is similar to a clove scent.  So it goes on with a very strong smell of classic bay rum, perhaps a little sweeter and citrusy rather than clovey.  The initial scents linger a little bit longer than others I have tried, however not very long.  And the scent fades into a warmer traditional bay rum scent.

Compared to other brands, Dominica is quite inexpensive.  You can get a large bottle of the stuff for less than smaller bottles of the other stuff.  So if you want a classic bay rum that will last through many applications, this is the one for you.  Being that you get a lot of bay rum for the price, you can keep a small bottle of it at work to re-apply later in the day.

From my minimal research, it seems that this bay rum does not have any moisturizers in it, just alcohol and bay rum oil, very straight up.  So for those of you wanting or needing moisturizers like me, you might want to look elsewhere.

(This review is of a sample decant of the original product, and as such I cannot guarantee that the sample contained the appropriate mixture of the original ingredients.)

2 thoughts on “Review: Dominica – Double Distilled Bay Rum

  1. dan

    Wondering where you purchase your Dominica Bay Rum. Not available on Amazon, and J Peterman no longer carries it (they tried to duplicate the recipe but failed miserably). Would you recommend purchasing on the brand’s shady-lookin’ site ( )? I’m afraid to try. Or do you have another recommendation for another brand that’s close? Thanks! Cool blog, just stumbled onto it today.


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