Review: Geo F Trumper – GFT Shaving Cream

Geo F Trumper - GFT Shaving Cream

Geo F Trumper – GFT Shaving Cream

So what does a GFT smell like?  That’s what I was about to find out.  My supply of samples is starting to thin a bit, so today I grabbed one that isn’t a lime or orange or rose or any simple scent: Geo F Trumper’s GFT Shaving Cream.

While the scent isn’t a simple one-note song, it isn’t overly complex either.  Now, being a person who hasn’t always fancied the smell of musk, I had a little trepidation reaching for GFT because musk is a note in it’s scent.  It starts off with top notes of mandarin and lemon.  In the middle-range are “woody notes of cypress and bittersweet tarragon.  And the base notes are composed of cedar and moss with a “musk-like base”.  And yes, that musky base note is there.

Overall the scent is bright and fresh with a strong bottom.  It’s citrusy, but with the woody and musk-like notes, it’s very manly.  It’s not a sweet citrusy scent, but a smart citrusy scent.  It’s similar to Taylor of Old Bond Street’s Jermyn Street scent, but again, with some woodier notes involved.  This scent has a little too much of the woody/musky thing going on for my taste, but fans of that scent profile will really love this scent, I’m sure.

Also I should say that for a shaving cream, the scent has some staying power.  It actually still is lingering here after the application of my aftershave.

The lather is really good.  A little does go a long way.  I used a large pea-sized dollop of cream, and I knew almost immediately I should have used a small pea-sized dollop.  There was enough lather for 6+ passes, and I only needed three.

I did a three-pass shave, and the lather started off a little on the weak side, but got better and better.  The third pass had the best lather, thick and yogurt-like, pretty much exactly what I am looking for from a lather.  I just wish I had that lather for all three passes.  It could be because I used too much cream to start with.  This stuff also does not need much water to lather up good.

It also does not thin out at all while you’re shaving.  It did just a little during the first pass but the lather did get better and better.

Overall I really did enjoy the shave I got from GFT.  The scent is not my favorite, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great scent.  Look up the reviews on, and you’ll see there are many people out there that really love it.  Here’s my ratings:

  • Scent – 3.5
  • Lather Performance – 4
  • Lather Life – 4.5
  • Overall – 4


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