Review: Ogallala – Bay Rum Aftershave

Ogallala - Bay Rum Aftershave

Ogallala – Bay Rum Aftershave

It was reading reviews for all the bay rums out there, especially the Ogallala line, that initially inspired me to seek out the bay rum sampler that I received a few days ago.  I had read there were all these different brands and varieties, and that all of them had so many different qualities to them that it was debatable which one or ones were the best.  At the end of the day, your milage may vary, as they say in almost every post on the straight razor forums.

I was really excited about trying out this brand, and all the different types of bay rum they offer.  But I figured it best to try the original bay rum scent first before trying the other types, just to be sure I have an idea of what Ogallala is about.

That said, the experience was, once again, quite different from all the other bay rums I have tried.  Ogallala Bay Rum Aftershave goes on nice and cool, with a bit of burn to give you feedback on your shave.  What I like about the burn is that it’s not the kind of burn that feels like a mountain lion is tearing up your neck, but a rather warm, subdued burn.  Just a nice soothing “Hey, I think you put just a bit too much pressure on that spot my friend” kind of feeling, spoken in a Barry White voice.

The scent, it seems, is dominated by clove, but backed up by bay rum and cinnamon.  It stays strong for a very short while after being applied, and then settles down into a spicy bouquet that wafts into your nose every once in a while.

Overall it was a nice aftershave with a subtle burn, with a really warm cinnamon-clove balance in the mix.  Personally I love this fragrance.  I also love the moisturizing abilities it has, leaving my skin feeling wonderful to the touch.

Im really happy, and can’t wait to try more from Ogallala, the vials of which await me further on down the line.

(This review is of a sample decant of the original product, and as such I cannot guarantee that the sample contained the appropriate mixture of the original ingredients.)

One thought on “Review: Ogallala – Bay Rum Aftershave

  1. Rick

    It should probably be noted that (IMHO) all of the Ogallala Bay Rums smell dramatically different in the bottle then when applied. My first thought when I opened the sample I received was that it smelled like an old toothache medicine. Application changed the scent to what you describe so well.


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