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Once in a while I get contacted through Twitter by a company that wants me to check out their product.  Usually it’s a soap or aftershave maker, as those are pretty much all I have reviewed.  But I have been meaning to review other shaving-related products here, and I am finally super excited to tell you about one:  The Razorpouch.

This review has been coming for a long time.  I’ve had a few of these hanging around for a few months now.  Those of you who have been following me might remember that I was away from the end of July until the beginning of September on a tour with my band.  One nice surprise upon getting back to my apartment was that the Razorpouches I hung up were still there.

The Razorpouch is a simple, yet effective pouch made of clear vinyl, which can hang several ways depending on what you are going to hold, and where you are hanging it.  It hangs by magnets, by suction cup, or through a pre-made hole in the vinyl, as to hang it from a hook.  The original intent seems to be to store razors in your shower.  But it doesn’t have to end there.

As the Razorpouch website points out, you can use it to store shaving supplies, a toothbrush and toothpaste, combs, scissors, or anything you need handy in your bathroom.  It doesn’t even need to stop at your bathroom door.  You can keep it in the garage to store pens, parkers, or boxcutters.  This is one of those really great products whose use is limited only by your imagination.

Not only are both the magnets and suction cup strong (they are both still in place since I put them up back in July), but you can even use a combination of them if you are worried.  It’s a simple, yet effective design!

And I haven’t even yet mentioned the best part: the price!  As of this writing, you can get a razor pouch from the company website for $6.99 + free shipping!  Beat that.

I should note:  This blog caters to traditional shaving.  So I will be honest that I don’t use my straight razor or my double edge razors in the shower.  Either of them falling with all that water would be very bad for my toes.  That said, I’ve got plenty of other uses I can imagine for the Razorpouch.  It really is a great product 🙂

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