Review: St. Johns – Bay Rum with Lavender Aftershave Cologne

St. Johns - Bay Rum with Lavender Aftershave Cologne

St. Johns – Bay Rum with Lavender Aftershave Cologne

So after yesterday’s warpath on my neck, I decided to take it really easy today with my shave.  However, my neck was still mad at me, and both passes I did were a little wince inducing.  I deserve that.  Sorry neck.

So I braced myself when I reached for the aftershave, which today was St. John’s Bay Rum with Lavender.  Let me say up front that traditionally I was never a fan of lavender.  I get why it’s a popular scent.  It -is- a nice scent, it’s just not one that I find appealing for me.  Interestingly though, on this current trip, we stayed in a hotel that left a complimentary linen spray.  In essense, it’s a light aromatic spray to spritz on your sheets before going to bed.  This one was scented with lavender.  And though I was hesitant, I actually liked it.  Maybe I’m growing up and my tastes are changing.  Haha I hope so, I’ll be 40 later this year.

Starting with the burn, like I said, I wasn’t thrilled with the shave because I had really done too much yesterday, and my neck was still a little pissed off.  So I came at my neck with the aftershave, bracing for the alcohol kick.  And you know what?  It wasn’t that bad!  I didn’t really talk about the burn with the original St Johns, and perhaps it’s because it’s a gentler aftershave.  I appreciated it this morning, that’s for sure.  It went on cool and then warmed really nicely.  It was a great feeling.

The smell?  I was expecting not being quite into it because it’s lavender-based, but I’ll tell you what, it’s a -hint- of lavender.  Predominantly, this is a bay rum, and smells like bay rum.  However, it had a very subtle hint of lavender when you toss it on your face, and the blend was nothing short of fantastic.  Honestly.  I get nothing for these diaries, so I won’t lie in them.  It went on great, it smelled great (bay rum with just a perfect hint of lavender in the blend).  And as the top notes fade, the bay rum becomes more of a prominent scent, and like the original bay rum, it’s a soft, but manly scent.

This one was a really nice surprise.  Very very nice.

(This review is of a sample decant of the original product, and as such I cannot guarantee that the sample contained the appropriate mixture of the original ingredients.)

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