Review: Superior 70 – Bay Rum Aftershave

Superior 70 - Bay Rum Aftershave

Superior 70 – Bay Rum Aftershave

Bay Rum aftershaves can be hard to find at brick and mortar stores.  Ever since I discovered the fragrance, I have been keeping an eye out for it, with little luck.  Almost everything I have tried has been purchased online.

But last week, while getting lunch at a deli in Brooklyn New York, I spotted a couple bottles of the infamous Superior 70 Bay Rum Aftershave sitting on a shelf behind the counter next to a couple cans of Gillette.  I asked the clerk how much it was and he said “Two dollars”.  Well, how could I resist, right?  A giant 12 ounce bottle for $2.  So I pulled out two bucks and bought a bottle.

So today, I had an excellent shave with my Gillette Fatboy adjustable safety razor set to 5, which is a little bit on the agressive side, with Personna Medical Prep blades.  Those blades are simply awesome, but this is a review for the aftershave. 😉

So yes, I did have a little bit of irritation on my neck, and knowing that Superior 70 is 65% SD alcohol, I knew I was in for a jolt.  I wasn’t wrong.  Superior 70 goes on very cool with a good razor burn that’ll make your toes curl.  If you like your aftershave to burn ya going on, this is a great candidate for you.

The scent is a typical bay rum scent, with perhaps a bit of cinnamon in the mix.  It fades quite fast, however if you later put your hands up to your nose, you’ll still get a whiff of it.  But, indeed this is an aftershave splash that does it’s job, smells good for you while the burn calms down, then goes it’s own way.

This isn’t the highest quality bay rum.  I’m not even sure it has any moisturizers.  The scent isn’t all that complex.  And the plastic bottle kinda sucks.  But at $2 (or even cheaper), you simply can’t go wrong if you want an alcohol-based eye-opening bay rum scented aftershave splash.

You can order some Superior 70 Bay Rum Aftershave through!

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