Review: St. Johns – Bay Rum Aftershave Cologne

St. Johns - Bay Rum Aftershave

St. Johns – Bay Rum Aftershave

St. John’s Bay Rum was one of the well-reviewed bay rums, with a lot of fans on the various shaving forums out there.  So I was excited this morning when I decided that after having tried several brands of bay rum, that today was the day I would crack open the original formula of St. John’s Bay Rum.

This one is labeled a cologne as opposed to an aftershave.  It still goes on nice and cool, but lets talk aroma, which I found delicious!  There is no notes in particular that I could find that really stick out here.  It seems to be a straight up bay rum smell, with no heavy clove or cinnamon top note, but rather more of a sweet woody smell.

I think one word I’d like to use to describe the St John’s experience so far is soft.  The scent is soft, devoid of any pungent or strong perfumy feel.  Seems most bay rums are like this, but St. John’s does seem like a soft, powdery scent while still being fully present.  I think I do sense a little hint of muskyness, which is kind of a first in these bay rum diaries.  It’s not off-putting (I can’t stand the cologne counter at the mall), but more of a hint, one of the many middle notes that shows up soon after the initial bay rum notes start to fade.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a wonderful cologne.

(This review is of a sample decant of the original product, and as such I cannot guarantee that the sample contained the appropriate mixture of the original ingredients.)

One thought on “Review: St. Johns – Bay Rum Aftershave Cologne

  1. Gabe

    I got a sample of this bay rum directly from St. Johns in a multi sampler pack. I really didn’t like it, I wasn’t expecting the muskiness and I think St Johns uses some kind of fixative because it had the certain lingering chemical smell that mall colognes have. I would recommend you buy the sampler pack from St Johns website before you buy a big bottle of their scents.


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