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Review: WM. Newmann & Co. – Signature 1907 Aftershave

WM. Newmann & Co. - Signature 1907 Aftershave

WM. Newmann & Co. – Signature 1907 Aftershave

Ahh, aftershave.  I go through so many shaving creams and soaps that I sometimes neglect the roots of this website.  A long time ago I ordered a sampler pack of aftershaves from WM. Newmann & Co.  Primarily I was interested in their bay rum scent, of course.  But the rest of these samples sat on a shelf.  And sat they did as I went through a myriad of other products, so that I could provide you, the reader, with one man’s opinion of them.  Well today I reached for that ziplock back of samples and pulled out another: WM. Newmann & Co. – Signature 1907 Aftershave.

So today I had a great shave with only a couple nicks on my neck that I admit came from careless impatience.  You see, I have this band of sideways growth on my lower neck that can get hacked if I go too fast against the grain.  Today I learned that lesson…. again….

Anyway, I am really happy with the tools I used today.  I used my Weber DLC razor loaded with a Gilette 7 O’Clock SharpEdge blade.  My shave cream was Taconic’s Bay Rum Shaving Cream, which smells and performs awesomely.  One of the best non-tallow creams I have in my arsenal.  I also regularly use a Razorock Alum Stick directly after each shave, to help soothe the skin and also to help stop the small nicks from bleeding.

Then I grabbed the small sample vial of 1907.  I was expecting a bit of a bracing jolt, as this is an alcohol-based aftershave, but I quickly realized that there wasn’t one.  It went on rather mild!  And then I remembered why.  WM. Newmann & Co put some amazing ingredients in their products.  They list their key ingredients on their website:  organic aloe, witch hazel, slippery elm bark, marshmallow root, chickweed, kosher veggie glycerin, green tea, blue-green algae, nettle, milk thistle, black willow bark, and tea tree oil.  Ummm… Hello?  Did you catch all that?  All I can tell you is that this stuff and your face will have a relationship that would make any madly-in-love couple jealous.  It felt awesome going onto my slightly chewed up face, and still feels awesome now as my face feels very nicely moisturized.

The scent is cologne-ish.  A woody sandalwood base with fruity top notes and spicy middle notes.  It’s a really bright lingering scent with a good deal of masculinity.  I’m not into modern cologne-type scents, but this one smells really nice as I carry on in my day.  It’s not too strong, but also not too light, wafting into my awareness every once in a while.  Smelling it from the vial I was worried it would be too strong a fragrance, but it really opens up once you put it on and smells wonderful.

I’m really happy with 1907 and if you’re interested, I suggest you order some or at least try a sample. At the time of this printing, a sample of all of their scents is available for $2 plus shipping!