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Review: WM. Neumann – 1911 Aftershave

WM. Neumann - 1911 Aftershave

WM. Neumann – 1911 Aftershave

I so enjoyed their 1907 aftershave, that I decided to go back-to-back to try out WM. Neumann’s 1911 Aftershave.

This has all the same ingredients as the 1907 version, with lots of organic, moisturizing, skin-friendly ingredients.  So what I said in the last review hold for this item as well.  It goes on really nicely, especially when you were a bit brash with your shave-work, as I was today.  I used a brand new Personna Medical Prep blade in my Weber DLC safety razor.  I also shaved with Tabac soap, which I am loving more and more each time I use it.  So I can safely say, with that entire lineup, and the very skin-friendly 1911 aftershave, my face feels super smooth and moisturized, and smells really good.

1911 smells as close to those modern-day colognes at the department store.  I say “modern-day” because one of the best aspects of WM. Neumann’s products is that they come from the scribblings of a turn-of-the-last-century apothecary, who happens to go by the same name.  He developed a number of fragrances and that notebook of scribblings became the founding of this company.  And 1911 was their signature fragrance.

The scent feels high-class.  As the company website will attest, it’s a burst of “crisp citruses blended with the rich woody essence of sandalwood, rosewood, cardamom, nutmeg, vanilla, and spices”.  The woody notes stand out the strongest and really bring this into that modern-day cologne feel.  As I sit here a half hour after application, I am beginning to pick up more and more of those other scents that are mentioned.  It is indeed rounding out nicely into a spicy fragrance with a hint of sweet behind it.  But overall this is a very unique and masculine scent that will go great both during the day and also at night.