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Review: Taylor of Old Bond Street – Avocado Shaving Cream

Taylor of Old Bond Street - Avocado Shaving Cream

Taylor of Old Bond Street – Avocado Shaving Cream

Alright.. In the absence of bay rums to try and review, I’m gonna keep the reviews coming, and hopefully give you, the reader, as many options as I can when it comes to all of these shaving products.

I am discovering that I have slightly sensitive skin.  I don’t react too badly to products, but as I go along, I am starting to realize that my face can get a little itchy here and there.  So I decided to go back and pull out this stuff again, because I never had a bad reaction to it.  When I first started shaving back in October, Taylor of Old Bond Street Avocado Shaving Cream was my go-to stuff.  I bought it on recommendation from other shavers on the message boards, and because it was pretty cheap in comparison to other creams.

First off, a little goes a long way.  First off, I leave my brush to soak in hot water while I’m in the shower.  When I go to load the brush, I first shake out most of the water.  Once I have eliminated about 3/4 of the water, I very lightly swirl my brush in the tub, as if I was trying to load it onto a feather without breaking the feather.  Does that make sense?  So I just swirl it around a few times, until some of the cream is on the brush.  I’m not going deep here, just brushing the top of the cream to get some on the brush.  An alternative is to dip your finger in and get an amount a little smaller than an almond.  Just a little swab.  Just remember a little goes a long way.

So I swirl my loaded brush in my Old Spice mug, adding drops of water here and there, and in about a minute, I’ve got a half a mug full of thick, warm lather just waiting to be slathered onto my face.  So why wait?

As I start swirling the brush around my face there are two awesome sensations going on.  First is the smell.  The smell has grown on me a lot.  There are many reviews from people out there saying they are not sure about the smell, some don’t like it at all.  Personally, when I first tried this stuff, it didn’t smell like avocado to me.  There is avocado in the smell, but also maybe a bit of lavender(?).  Honestly it’s not a strong smell.  It’s a clean smell.  I understand that smell is a personal thing.  Some people hate this stuff, some love it.  A lot of people say it’s grown on them.  I’m one of those, and I really do like the smell now.

The second is the sound.  There is something about using a cream as opposed to a soap.  It has this thick sloshing sound as you swirl it around that feels and sounds just awesome.  It drives you directly into the heart of that zen experience that shaving should be.

So yeah, this stuff lathers amazingly well.  I wouldn’t necessarily face lather with this stuff.  It works really great in a mug though.  And with just a little bit of cream, you easily have enough lather for a minimum of 5 passes.  When I say a little goes a long way, I really mean it.

Oh and the shave?  I shaved with my Weber DLC and Personna Medical Lab blades, and today I had the smoothest shave I’ve had in a long time.  Totally BBS (baby butt smooth).  This stuff lubricates your face so good that the blade just glides across.  And it all rinses clean as well.  Scent and all.  So at the end, you have nothing on your face.  No soap scum, no scent, and no whiskers.

That, my friends, is a perfect shave.

So yeah, Taylor of Old Bond Street Avocado Shaving Cream is relatively cheap, and well worth the money.  Go get some and try it out!