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Review: Bearded Lady Shaving Soap by Beer Soap Brewing Company

Beer Soap Brewing Company's Bearded Lady Shaving Soap

Beer Soap Brewing Company’s Bearded Lady Shaving Soap

There are several reputable shaving sites out there that have trading forums, where fake pirates like you and I can go and trade shaving products that we no longer use for one that might look appealing.  And nothing looks more appealing to a pirate than a bearded lady.  And that, my fake sea-lovin friends, is what I am going to write about today:  Beer Soap Brewing Company’s Bearded Lady Shaving Soap.  I can’t remember which soap or cream I traded for it, but I am very glad I did as I picked up a phenomenal performer.  I’ve tried it on and off for some time now, and I have finally come to know exactly how to use this soap

This one is fun.  The Beer Soap Brewing Company has several scents (one of which is a favorite around here in terms of scent, you get one guess).  What these guys do that makes them special is they add a specific beer to each scent of soap.  For this soap, they use Bearded Lady American Wheat Ale by Good People Brewing Company.  I happen to really really like wheat ales, so this is a perrrrfect matchup for me.

Let’s talk scent.  You probably are thinking the same thing I was:  what might a bearded lady smell like.  If you said “rugged”, well you win.  The makers say: “Notes of fir, bay, and cedarwood are anchored with a base of tobacco.”  Personally I am not the biggest fan of fir.  It brings a certain ambiance to a scent, an ambiance of fir.  And that ambiance is not for me.  I like “woody”, but not so much “woodsy”.  There’s a difference.  And at the end I’d say the combination is right in the middle of woody and woodsy.  It’s a rugged scent balanced out with bay and tobacco.  So while it’s interesting, it’s not something scent-wise that I would reach for.

Now, on to the really appealing part of this soap, the performance.  This is a tallow soap, and absolutely performs like one.   The way I found this soap performs best was to put some hot water on it (a trick I learned from HTGAM), for about 30 seconds.  Next I hit it with my DaVinci badger brush, and loaded it up good with a decent amount of water still in the brush.  Then I went and face lathered.  It lathered up to an amazing super-thick and creamy lather.  It stayed really thick on the face and while I was shaving provided an abundance of slick for my razor to glide over.

The best part was that this lather was -exactly- as slick, thick, creamy, and protective on the third pass as it was on the first.  Actually this was one of those awesome soaps that got better with each pass.  There are few soaps that do that, and I’m lucky enough to have them in my rotation.  Sometimes a lather just needs to age a little to really shine. It has to do with the ingredients, and this one has some awesome ingredients:  tallow, stearic acid, palm oil, castor oil, coconut oil, kaolin clay, and shea and cocoa butter.  As someone who spends a lot of time reading ingredients of soaps, I can vouch for this lineup.   Oh, yeah.. there’s also beer.  Bring that shit on.

So all in all, while this is not my favorite scent, this is one of the better performers I’ve tried in a while, and it’s safe to say that I’m not trading it.

  • Scent – 3
  • Lather Performance – 5
  • Lather Life – 5
  • Overall – 4