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Review: L.A. Shaving Soap Company – Spring Street Shaving Soap

LA Shaving Soap Company - Spring Street Shaving Soap

LA Shaving Soap Company – Spring Street Shaving Soap

As I look out the porthole of this fake pirate ship, I see the sun a-shining.  I can only imagine the fine ladies in their brightly colored dresses looking as fine as can be, finally coming out of this horrible winter’s hibernation.  I imagine green lawns dotted by daisies and tulips, and smudged lipstick on mint juleps.

If only I had a shaving soap that has that scent.  That amazingly fresh air of spring.  And you’ve heard me say it and I’ll stand right up and say it again.  I am a lucky guy.  And today I’m lucky because I got to shave with L.A. Shaving Soap Company’s Spring Street Shaving Soap.

I have reviewed their bay rum soap before, and I really enjoyed it.  Spring Street presumably has the same soap formula, as this soap is also a “croap”, meaning a soft soap that is somewhere between a cream and a soap.  So I was easily able to scoop the soap out of it’s sampler container and schmeer it into the bottom of my pyrex sample jar with my finger.

It is a vegan soap as well, so there is no tallow.  However, I have really come to not care so much about whether a soap has tallow in it or not.  I have had such great performances out of non-tallow soap, and have had just as many so-so performances out of tallow soaps, so .. whatever.  This soap is great.  It’s very slick and cushiony.  Not as thick as some soaps I have tried, but it does a fantastic job of protecting my skin.  And the soap lasts and lasts.  I had a nice three-pass shave today and I have -plenty- of delicious smelling lather left in my mug and my brush.  And it stays thick and doesn’t start thinning at all, so you can really take your time with this one.

The scent is a light, bouncy, floral scent.  And I just had to look up the scent formula because there is something going on beneath that floral bouquet.  And I was right.  Up front, there is no doubt this is a floral soap with lavender and geranium in your face.  But buried underneath all this loveliness are notes of patchouli, labdanum, orange, peppermint, eucalyptus, and clove.  Almost all of these are inperceptable until you really sniff a few times and hunt for the note.  Then you *might* find it.  They’re not there to beat the scent down, they are there to bolster the floral fougère.  It’s a very lovely scent that is perfect for spring.  Fans of rose will love this…

  • Scent – 4
  • Lather Performance – 4
  • Lather Life – 4.5
  • Overall – 4