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Review: Honeybee Garden – Bay Rum Aftershave

Honeybee Gardens - Bay Rum Aftershave

Honeybee Gardens – Bay Rum Aftershave

Alright!  I’m back with another Bay Rum Diary!  And today we have Honeybee Gardens Herbal Bay Rum.  Yesterday I tried my first ever bay rum, Lucia Bay Rum, and it was alright.  For me the biggest disappointment was the fact that the scent went away pretty fast.  However it was a light, refreshing splash that smelled great going on, so it ended up being a nice finish to the shave.

This morning, I had a great shave with my Merkur 34C with a Feather blade, and finished it off with the Honeybee Gardens Bay Rum.  So this one was quite a bit different.  Actually, it was a lot different.

This is one for the senses.  It went on very cool, and followed with a good burn, all the while accompanied with a strong scent.  It was an herbal punch in the face.  My first thought is that it smelled chemically, and had less of that bay rum smell.  But I then checked out the ingredients, and it is definitely all natural.

After reading the ingredient list though, I gained a better understanding of what I was smelling, and really started to enjoy it more.  I would say that it lies halfway between a bay rum scent and a traditional musky cologne scent.  Now personally I never cared for musky scents.  Anything you would find at the cologne counter at Macy’s was never anything I wanted to have to smell for more than a minute.  But maybe my tastes are starting to change, because, even now as I write this, I am really enjoying the scent that is swimming around my head.

It also makes my face feel great.  An astringent (witch hazel) is always good to have in an after shave, and aloe vera is excellent for helping to sooth those places where you forgot that you’re not supposed to put too much pressure on the razor.  The alcohol provides a telling burn, but then its all downhill to sootheville from there.

Staying power?  So far, this has a lot more staying power than yesterday’s candidate.  I want to point you to one sentence in the product description:  “Using an age-old process, a select blend of fresh herbs is brewed for weeks and then strained multiple times resulting in a golden serum which cools and soothes newly shaven skin.”  I really do think that the fact that this stuff is “brewed for weeks” lends to a really deep fragrance that holds its composure for a decent stretch.

I’m really satisfied with how my face feels and smells, and the only critique I have is that it might stray away from bay rum (or at least what I know bay rum to be) a little too much towards the musky scent.  If you like musky scents though, and also like bay rum, and are a fan of all-natural ingredients, then you really have to give Honeybee Garden’s Herbal Bay Rum Aftershave a try.

(This review is of a sample decant of the original product, and as such I cannot guarantee that the sample contained the appropriate mixture of the original ingredients.)