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Review: Jack Black Beard Lube Conditioning Shave

Jack Black Beard Lube Conditioning Shave

Jack Black Beard Lube Conditioning Shave

Whats up guys!

It’s been several months since I visited Pasteur Pharmacy in NYC, but after having a really awesome conversation with Leon, one of the guys working there, he gave me several samples of products that were new to the amazing shelves of shaving products.  One of these was Jack Black’s Beard Lube.  I tried one of these a little while back, and haven’t touched it since. That is until Movember came along.

So as this year’s Mo began, I decided that maybe this shaving cream (or gel?) might be the best one to use for week one.  Seeing that I don’t have to bowl or face lather, but rather just apply it to the areas I want to shave.  You see, I’m doing a really badass trucker mo this time, so I wanted to be sure I don’t under- or over-shave the appropriate areas.

Movember 13th

Movember 13th

What I found very beneficial was not only could I apply it to only the areas I wanted to, if I over-applied it, I could see right through and notice where I should shave and where I shouldn’t.  It was kind of the perfect solution for precision shaving that this awesome moustache required.

But let’s move on to the performance.  If I could say anything about this product, I would say it came from a bottle of hair conditioner.  I say this from experience, as many guys have reported that while showering, they put conditioner on their scruff to soften the whiskers in preparation for their shave.  You’ll also notice that the way conditioner feels on your facial skin is exactly the way this Beard Lube feels on your skin.  And it definitely softens the beard whiskers too.

During your shave, you’ll notice that no matter how wiry your whiskers might be, once they are lubed up with this stuff, they can hardly put up a fight.  So the whiskers do get softened.  And there is a degree of slickness to this stuff, but it’s no match for a really good shave soap, which provides more slickness and more cushion.  I did notice tho that even when I was shaving ATG, I did not get any nicks.  So this stuff did remove the whiskers without too much skin damage.

Sadly, theres no lather, and as such, no cushion.  So if that’s your thing, and its kind of my thing too, then this might not be the product for you.  I suspect you already knew that.  But if you’re into trying something different, and maybe you just don’t feel like getting your shaving brush wet today, then you may want to give this stuff a shot.

The scent is straight up peppermint and menthol.  Not exactly my thing, but not terrible by any means.

In the end, if you are into traditional shaving and the like, stick with soaps/creams.  If you miss the days when you shaved with a gel, or if you like menthol, or don’t have a brush, then this is definitely a contender.

  • Scent – 2
  • Lather Performance – 4
  • Lather Life – N/A
  • Overall – 3 (a decent non-brush shaving product)

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