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Review: Jack Earle Co – I’m Your Huckleberry Aftershave

Jack Earl Co - Im Your Huckleberry Aftershave

Jack Earl Co – Im Your Huckleberry Aftershave

Today’s shave was rough.  I was trying a new blade, and that blade was trying me, leaving me with a few nicks and a little bit of burn on my neck.  Which, in the case of today’s review, was somewhat of a good thing, allowing me to test this new aftershave I received in the mail: I’m Your Huckleberry Aftershave, by Jack Earl Co.

The Jack Earl Company is a newcomer to the market, being founded less than a year ago.  Their purpose is to create a line of organic and all natural products to the market.  They also target sensitive skin, which I, my friends, happen to have.

The aftershave itself is unique in so many ways.  The first impression is the texture.  It’s sort of like a fluffy pomade.  So you only need a tiny dab of this stuff, spread it on your hands, and then work it onto your face, massaging it into your skin.

Then there is the huckleberry scent, which is just phenomenal.  It’s a mixture of huckleberry and peppermint.  So you get that really gorgeous huckleberry scent with a hint of mint.  It’s such a perfect balance.  And the scent stays with you for a long time, but not in an obnoxious way.  In a way that partway through your day, as your wondering why your printer keeps saying “paper jam” when there is obviously no paper jam, you’re going to get a slight whiff and go, “oh yeah, there’s that huckleberry again!”

The ingredients list is a shining star, and contains NO alcohol:  Shea butter, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Huckleberry Oil, Peppermint Oil.  That’s it.  A whole lotta moisturizers and no unpronounceable chemicals.  Unless you have a hard time pronouncing “shea”, in which case for you there would be one.  I should mention though, and this is my experience so far with this product, that a little goes a long way.  If you use too much you could end up looking a little shiny.  A little tissue paper dabbing took care of the shine, and still left my skin feeling remarkably moisturized, and smelling great.

Now, if this sailor had a moustache, I would be extremely tempted to try out their moustache wax.  Indeed I would.