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Review: Kiss My Face – Key Lime Moisture Shave

Kiss My Face - Key Lime Moisture Shave

Kiss My Face – Key Lime Moisture Shave

So yes, I’m pretty easy to please, and you can see I have given many glowing reviews of most of the products I have tried.  I do love key lime.  But I also like a really good thick decent lather.  And that’s why I was somewhat disappointed after today’s shave.

Kiss My Face Key Lime Moisture Shave is quite inexpensive.  And I had seen some good reviews of this stuff.  So when I saw it at my local Whole Foods store, I took a whiff of the key lime tube, and instantly dropped it in my basket.

I shaved with it a few weeks ago.  I was impressed with the scent, but not so much with the lather.  I put the bottle on the side for a little while, while trying and reviewing many other products.  I wanted to give this a fair shake and thought, one bad lathering experience… maybe it’s me.

I’m pretty sure it’s not me.  Of course, as Ill say in almost every review: your mileage may vary (YMMV).

I do love the scent.  Key lime is awesome.  It’s a zippy, clean version of lime, as if lime wasn’t zippy and clean enough.  Key lime is just a less-sweet, smarter, tarter version of lime.  The stuff lathered up pretty good, but I don’t find it cushioning enough.  It seemed more of a light, foamy lather.  Not very substantive.

The first pass was decent enough.  Covered my face, and went on somewhat thicker than I expected out of the mug.  But I could tell that there wasn’t much cushion, or even slickness for that matter.

By the second pass, the lather was starting to fall apart, and wasn’t thick.  The third pass was even worse.  It looked like a lather, in the mug, but went on almost like water.

If you get your shaves done pretty quickly, in one or two passes, this might be worth a look-see.  As I said, the stuff smells great, and the ingredients include a lot of stuff that should be good for your skin.  And the price is certainly right.

But for those that like a super thick lathering experience, and associate the word “zen” with “shave”, I can’t recommend this stuff for you.

YMMV, of course.

Kiss My Face Key Lime Moisture Shave is available at Amazon.com!

Review: Queen Charlotte Soaps – Key Lime Shaving Soap

Queen Charlotte Soaps - Key Lime Shaving Soap

Queen Charlotte Soaps – Key Lime Shaving Soap

I think I’m a really lucky guy.  I spent many years shaving in the shower with a 4 or 5 blade vibrating cartridge razor, not using any shaving cream because I felt my oily face did enough of the lubrication.  And I always had razor bumps on my face, and lots of nicks, and still not anywhere near a bbs (baby butt smooth) shave.  And in prep for Movember 2012, I started really digging into the vast world of traditional wetshaving.  I’m really lucky because I showed up to this world at a damn good time.

There are so many artisan, homemade startup companies selling really, and I mean really fantastic products.  Yes, the classics are the classics, and they are still around for a reason, and I won’t deny them their greatness.  But these newcomers really bring some awesomeness to the table.  Case in point?  Queen Charlotte Soaps.

I love Charlotte.  I’m in a rock band that tours around the US very frequently.  And Charlotte, NC is one of our sweet spots.  We have a lot of fans, and even more friends, in Charlotte, and have had for years now.  And as I have been browsing on the shaving forums, I keep seeing the initials “QCS” come up over and over again.  Then came a name, Queen Charlotte Soaps.  What?  Someone in one of my favorite cities is making something that I am now obsessed with and they’re doing a great job of it?  That’s when I ordered some samples.  And I can’t wait to tell you about them.

My first sample to try was their Key Lime shaving soap.  As I am a newbie to wetshaving, I am also a newbie to key lime.  My girlfriend, who is starting to get a little tired of hearing about shaving (I’m sure I’m not the only one, right gents), got me to try key lime pie for the first time a couple of years ago.  What the hell have I been thinking not trying it?  It’s now my favorite desert.  Ok, personal story over.

I crushed the sample of key lime soap into the bottom of my old spice mug, and I could already smell the lime scent jumping out of the mug.  As I started loading my brush, the smell started really filling the air around me.  But then I lathered with it, and there it is, full blossom on my face and in my nose, the gorgeous scent of key lime.  Now I have tried several lime-scented products from shaving creams to aftershaves to skin food.  This scent was unique in that it was not too sweet and not a dark lime smell.  Some of those products smell like lime jello.  Some smell like lime jellybeans.  And some smell like a dirty spicy lime.  Queen Charlotte’s Key Lime is a light, bouncy, smart kind of lime scent, definitely not sweet, but not unsweet, and not a heavy smell.  I really really like this smell.

And this soap performs as good as it smells.  I face lathered and this stuff exploded with just a few dabs of water.  And after a few paint-brush strokes, thickened up like a delicious key lime cream.  It lubricated and protected my face fantastically, and rinsed from the razor easily.  Shaving once again with my Weber DLC and Personna Med blades, I had zero nicks, zero weepers, and completely BBS shave.

I am very impressed with Queen Charlotte Soaps.  Their key lime is spot on awesome, and if you like key lime, this is a must-try.  I have several samples of their soaps and creams, and will be reviewing them soon as well.  I really can’t wait to shave again.  And again.  And again.  I told you I was a lucky guy.  Check back for more updates soon!  Thanks 🙂