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Review: Bonny Doon Farms – Meehan Bay Rhum Cologne

Bonny Doon Farm - Meehan Bay Rum Cologne

Bonny Doon Farm – Meehan Bay Rum Cologne

Today was an interesting day.  I am currently travelling and after finding a sweet Old Spice mug with ridges to help build up shaving lather, and being exhausted from the drive, I figured hey I can take another shower, and shave again, even though I didn’t really need another shave.  But considering I could try out another bay rum and that another shave might just give me an opportunity to test out the aftershave burn again, I figured why not.

Shower and shave completed.  The mug was pretty sweet to use.  Felt pretty classy and actually had a flashback to my granddad using one of these mugs when I was really young and semi making fun of him for using such antique methods to shave (now I only WISH I could have those tools now, alas they are long gone).

Anyway, I decided that since I’ve got some repeats to try (a bunch of St. Johns, a couple Ogallalas and Dominicas), that I should try one of the other best-rated samples I got.  Bonny Doon Farms Meehan Bay Rum.

Burn?  You bet!! Now this might be a little unfair, (or really fair for the masochists among you), because being that this was a second shave of the day, my neck got a bit overshaved.  That said, this aftershave, like almost all others, went on cool and with a good kick in the face burn-wise.  In fact, my neck is still burning slightly a full 10 minutes after.  Again, this just might be because of the shave.  (Side note – yeah, I realize now that I misused a cologne.)

The smell? This one smells different from all the others that I have tried, and I have tried about a dozen by now.  This does have a classic bay rum, but the top notes are somewhere between cinnamon and citrus with a floral background.  I really like the fact that this is an all-natural product containing essense of three different bay leaves, rum, and rosewater.  It’s a scent that I find invigorating every time I get a whiff of it.

As the scent develops in the nose, I believe it’s the rosewater that starts poking it’s nose out a little further.  I can already tell that the care that these folks put into making this bay rum are going to extend the life that this fragrance has on my face.  The bay rum is not only all-natural, and not-only a mixture of different varieties of bay leaves, and not only made with real rum, but it is also blended by hand in small batches and aged in their estate cellars.  That’s caring.  And the unique presence of this bay rum is nothing short of awesome.

(This review is of a sample decant of the original product, and as such I cannot guarantee that the sample contained the appropriate mixture of the original ingredients.)