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Review: Bey Shave Aftershave & Vigorating Skin Tonic

Bey Shave Aftershave & Vigorating Skin Tonic

Bey Shave Aftershave & Vigorating Skin Tonic

Seriously now.  I can’t possibly be coming across in a believable manner anymore considering how many times I’ve started a post by saying how lucky I am.  But here be me, an extremely lucky and extremely fake pirate.  Day after day, I sit here, counting dolphins that are probably hallucinations, hoping against all hope that another amazing bottle will float by my ship.  And once again I strike gold.

Gentlemen, I present to you: Bey Shave Aftershave & Vigorating Skin Tonic.

Do you want a bottle in your shave den, or whatever you want to call your “bathroom”, that harkens back to the days of ye ol’ apothecary?  Whether you do or do not, you’ll friggin love this bottle.  A smallish dark brown apothecary bottle with a tin cap.  I would take a guess and say thats a fine looking Persian gentleman on the front.  Maybe he’s a Turk?  Honestly, I don’t know.  I’m a pirate.  And a damn fake one at that.  What I do know is that this is how aftershaves should be presented.  And the bottle has that little plastic hole thingy that lets you not accidentally pour half of it all over your bathroom sink.  So be a man and throw a few hefty splashes at your palm and slap it on your face.  You’ll make that Persian-ish guy on the bottle proud.

The scent is a deep yet light bay rum.  It’s not at all overwhelming, and its not going to disappear too quickly either.  Its a mix of bay, bergamot, cedar, frankincense, sandalwood, blood orange, myrrh and “locally sourced botanicals”.  Dammit, I just love that list.  And what’s awesome is that all of those scents are present but not like a hammer is present.  I could totally tell that the frankincense was there, but it’s not like it smells like frankincense.  It smells woody and citrusy.  Sharp and smart.  It’s a deeply rounded and well-assembled scent.  And it’s intentionally not strong, as per the maker’s intentions when he set out to create it.  And don’t even get me started on “organically sourced botanicals”.  Yes.  I’m just going to keep saying “yes”.  Yes.

And on top of that the first two ingredients are organic witch hazel and rum!  Yes!  Now there’s not a whole lot of bay rums out there with rum in it.  But it’s not too heavy handed.  The maker intended to keep the alcohol content low.  So it’s not an alcohol blast, but rather a nod.  And by starting off with witch hazel, this stuff does what an aftershave is supposed to do: treat your skin well.  (and smell awesome).  (and look good on your shelf).  (Yes).

And, as if you didn’t need more reasons to love this stuff, each batch of this elixir is handmade and takes a full month to develop.  I am absolutely sold.

Do yourself a favor and visit beyshave.com, do some reading, and then just try to avoid the “order now” button.  Just try.

All fake-pirate-kidding aside, this stuff is fantastic, and screams quality, in the most gentlemanly way possible.  I am thrilled to have it in my top aftershave rotation.  Thank you, Bey Shave, for making such an excellent product.