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Review: Virile Barber’s Shave Formula and Face Balm

Virile Barber's Shaving Cream & Face Balm

Virile Barber’s Shaving Cream & Face Balm

3 years!! 3 years ago I started this site as a way for ME to remember what my feelings were about every product I’ve tried.  And it’s turned into this mess.  I couldn’t be happier.  Actually I could be happier if I updated more, but hey, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.  Let’s talk Virile.

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned Virile Barber before.  They’re located in NJ and are a super-classy joint, the perfect barber for a guy who knows a thing or two about shaving without a cartridge.  They’re extremely friendly, exceptionally dressed, professional to the tee, and are quite skilled in their craft.  And their craft has expanded, as they now sell their own shaving products.

So I’m going to do a double review.  Because these products are exceptional, and I want you to know about both of them.

First up, obviously, is the Shave Formula.  This is their shaving cream.  This stuff works with or without a brush.  For those of you gents who like me have a brush, it works REALLY well with a brush.  I found the best combination was bowl lathering with a silvertip.  Be slightly more generous with the cream than, say, Taylor of Old Bond Street.  However, once you get the lather going, you can take it to your face for an impressive slick cushiony roller coaster ride for your blade.  The more you work this lather, the better.  The way better, actually.

Ingredients include macadamia nut and soybean oil, tea tree oil, chamomile and aloe.  It is designed to be scent free so it is exceptionally good for your skin.  And it rinses away super clean.

Next up:  The Face Balm.  In my opinion, the opinion of a fake pirate who’s been reviewing shaving products for more than a couple years, it does not get much better than this.

First off, this stuff works as a total face moisturizer.  It alcohol free, mostly scent free (there is a slight eucalyptus-like scent) and has menthol, aloe vera extract, and white tea extract to first invigorate then calm your skin.

Going on it’s pretty straightforward.  Very light scent with a very slight menthol tingle.  Nothing like a winter blast, but a “hey my skin feels alive” kind of feel.  This goes away after just a few minutes, but let me tell you, this stuff really does seem to lock in the moisture balance on your face.  100% no greasy feeling afterwards.  Your face will feel awesome.  That there is some impressive stuff!

This is the tube I reach for the most after a shave.  Honestly.  And let me talk about these tubes that these products come in.  They’re really nice, standing there on their own.  And with a little twist, you can squeeze out exactly how much you want.  The only slight drawback is that when you close the tube again (twist cap) it ejects a droplet more of product.  But once you know this, you can adjust your original amount accordingly.

Great guys, great barbershop, great products.  Really can’t say much more.  If you’re in Jersey, go say hi either at their main location in Waldwick or their other spot in Jersey City.  Check out their website for more information.

Products used in this shave:
Weber DLC Razor with a Gillette 7’Oclock blade (yellow)
Da Vinci Uomo 293 Silvertip Badger Brush
– Virile Barber & Shop’s Shave Formula
Thayer’s Unscented Witch Hazel with Aloe
– Virile Barber & Shop’s Face Balm


Review: Al’s Shaving Products – Calypso Shaving Cream

Als Shaving Products - Calypso Shaving Cream

Als Shaving Products – Calypso Shaving Cream

If you’re reading this, then I have no doubt you’ve heard of Al’s Shaving Products.  They’ve been around for a while, and the big guns in the shaving world, folks like Mark H. (Mantic59), and Michael Ham (LeisureGuy) have given them great reviews.  So who am I to judge?  I figured it was time to find out.

I ordered a sample pack from Al’s website and it arrived fairly quickly.  In the sample pack was an assortment of 7 small tins with creams in it.  They are all very interesting and very pleasant scents.  Highlights for me include Goodfellas, Al’s take on barbershop, Calabria, a citrusy-musky treat for the senses, and of course, Calypso, which is Al’s take on bay rum.

Let’s talk scent.  Here is how Al describes it on his website:

Calypso can be described as cool, refreshing, bracing. There is also a warm, friendly, honest feel to this fragrance and one that is extremely natural. On top of this, there is also, strangely, a shadowy, deep, mysterious, spicy quality. The scent itself may be relatively simple but its impression is complex

Indeed!  It is a very warm take on bay rum.  And it seems to be built more on the middle and base notes, so you get a lot more of the spicier, sweeter, and more complex side of bay rum.  Another thing to note is that once you get water involved the scent opens up, in the same way a great scotch will often open up a little after adding a splash of water to it.  Really nice indeed.  And the scent is quite present throughout the shave.  It’s not light in any sense but also not strong enough to anger my sensitive skin.  A very nice balance.

As for the lather, this does produce as advertised.  It is often referred to as the bomb because very little of the product is needed to achieve the explosion of lather you will get when lathering this up.  Seriously, I used a small amount of cream, and after a 3-pass shave I squeezed out my brush and scooped the leftovers from my mug and had a tennis-ball sized dollop of lather in my hand.

As for the performance, this is a very slick lather.  Not as cushioning as, say, Taylor of Old Bond Street’s cream, but where it might lack in cushion, it makes up for in slickness.  And let me just say that Taylor of Old Bond Street is so good at being cushioning, that it’s almost unfair to throw this comparison around.  As for the lather life, it did feel slightly thinner on the 3rd pass, but still provided an ultra-slick layer of glide for my razor (a Merkur Futur set on 1 for the last pass).

The price for a tub of Al’s is a little higher, but the soap is a little more dense, and you also need less of it to get the same, or more, lather out of it.  It really is as advertised, a lathering beast!  A very excellent-smelling lathering beast.

  • Scent – 5
  • Lather Performance – 4.5
  • Lather Life – 4.5
  • Overall – 4.5

Review: Schaf Skin Care For Men

Schaf Skin Care

Schaf Skin Care

Recently I have been noticing that I have sensitive skin.  There are just some soaps and creams out there that have been leaving my face itchy and irritated.  I’m shaving great now that I’ve found a better go-to blade for my Weber DLC.  With Gillette 7 O’Clock Yellows, I feel I have found gold, and have sent nicks for a walk on the plank.  But yes, sadly, I am noticing the issue with sensitive skin.  Tabac is an emotional example.  How I love the scent of that soap.  Too bad I just can’t use it.  It leaves my skin itchy every time.  I love the strong scent, but it’s the strong scent that hates my face.  Sad face.

Well I have a new addition to my shave den and my shower that is the answer to sensitive skin.  Enter Schaf Skin Care.  All in all there are four products available, and each of them are fantastic.  These were designed by Peter Schafrick, who was tired of all the products with all the harmful toxins and strong scents that cause irritation, and decided to make his own line of products that are simple, mostly natural, and fragrance-free, leading to an irritation-free morning ritual.

First up is Scrub:  To be used every other day, this scrub is made up of volcanic rock and ground apricot seeds, loosely bound in a foaming gel.  It feels fantastic and is easy to use, leaving your face feeling completely rejuvinated.  I probably like the scrub the most out of all these products.

Cleanse is a gentle facewash that is lightweight and rinses clean.  And it’s packed with goodness like chamomile, aloe, cucumber, and Japanese Green Tea extracts.  It gets rid of dirt and oil, leaving your face cleansed but not stripped.

Next comes the meat of the lineup, the shave cream.  I had a little trouble at first getting a good lather going, but I have found after much use that ideally you want to use as little water as possible, and lather directly on your face, instead of a mug or bowl.  I put a couple of squirts out of the can (yes its in a can, but its pump-action, not pressurized goo) right onto my brush, and face lathered and got a very slick lather.  I can’t say the lather is on par with some of my favorite creams out there, but it is a very slick lather providing a great glide for my razor.  I ended each shave baby-butt smooth and with zero irritation.  And the lather also rinses very clean very easily.  No soap residue here.

Last, but definitely not least, is Hydrate, a post-shave moisturizer loaded with fantastic ingredients like avocado oil, organic coconut oil, sunflower oil, pumpkin seed oil, vitamin e, aloe, and on and on and on.  The “final touch” is an ingredient called “Matrixyl 3000”, which according to the Schaf website, is a “proven anti-wrinkle peptide that defends against the signs of aging.”  I can tell you this:  It doesn’t feel oily or greasy at all.  A little goes a long way, and it absorbed into my skin almost instantaneously, and my face looked great every day I used it.  No joke.

At the end of the day, you really should check out the Schaf website, read the story of how this all came to be, check out the ingredients lists on all the products, and decide for yourself.  There is high attention paid to making sure the ingredients are as natural as possible and organic when they can be.  The ultimate goal is to provide non-irritating and non-toxic products for your entire morning routing, and I think Peter has nailed it.  This is great stuff, and if you have sensitive skin like me, you’ll love it too.

Review: Castle Forbes – Lime Oil Shaving Cream

Castle Forbes - Lime Oil Shaving Cream

Castle Forbes – Lime Oil Shaving Cream

Yo Ho!!  I have travelled around the US, visiting almost every state, and I am back, freshly shaved, and ready for some reviews!  As I said in my last post announcing my trip, I was hoping to write a couple reviews and articles.  As it turned out, my time was extremely limited, so I was not able to write a single lick.  My apologies to all of you who were holding your breath: you may now exhale…

So first up in my line of reviews-to-be-written:  Castle Forbes Lime Oil Shaving Cream.  This shaving cream is a virtual juggernaut in the shaving forums.  People love this shaving cream.  It’s consistently well-reviewed, and it’s price tag suggests superior quality.  Well, as far as I am concerned, this is my proof of Rule #1 in the shaving world:  YMMV (your mileage may vary).  I have tried and tried and tried but I cannot seem to get this stuff to like me.  Let me explain.

Before I get into what I don’t like with this cream, let’s talk about what I do like.  Lime.  Of all the lime-scented products I have tried, this one is probably the sweetest.  I don’t know if it’s pure lime essential oil (the product’s name suggests that it is), but this stuff smells exactly like a lime Lifesaver candy.  It doesn’t get any more lime candy than this stuff.  I have a hesitation to use the word “candy” because I don’t want to come across like this stuff is childish or whatever, but honestly it sure does smell like lime candy.  Me personally, I like candy, so the scent is delicious.  But it’s also pretty simplistic.  After having tried so many complex versions of lime (like Captain’s Choice Lime Aftershave, or Truefitt & Hill’s West Indian Limes Shaving Cream), I find myself wanting a little hint of spice somewhere in the mix.  Regardless, if you like lime, you’ll love the smell of this stuff.  And the lime lasts, too.  It stayed with my shave the entire way through.

Alright, the lather.  So I’ve tried this stuff four to five times now, and I cannot get lather of the quality that I get from giants like Taylor of Old Bond Street or Truefitt & Hill.  Just can’t do it.  And I’ve gone through message board posts, Amazon.com reviews.. You name it, I have tried it.  Face lathering, mug lathering.  Use the brush to sweep out cream from the container, or put a pea-sized dab on my brush and then lather.  Too much water, too little water, and in between.

On a consistent basis I get a lather that is “good” when it comes to slickness and “ok” when it comes to cushion.  I have a hard time getting a thick layer of lather to stay on my face.  (I use a Simpson’s Duke 2 Best Badger brush).  The lather seems to be a bit better on my second pass, but seems to be failing by my third pass.  Don’t get me wrong, the lather is passable.  I had a very good shave today.  But I believe I may be somewhat spoiled by the amazing lathers I have gotten out of other creams and tallow soaps.

I also cannot honestly finish this review without mentioning one ingredient in this cream:  Triethanolamine.  Triethanolamine as been shown to be a toxin with possible links to cancer.  Now, I’m sure their customers are not dropping like flies, but I don’t understand why they have not removed this ingredient and substituted it with something else.  It’s possible that the amount is so negligent that there isn’t a concern, but it’s there.

So that is my feeling about Castle Forbes Lime Oil Shaving Cream.  It’s got a great lime scent, and has some decent slickness, but I feel the lather is not as great as some other brands out there.  It also has a hefty price tag, but that is balanced by the fact that you get a very decent amount of shaving cream.  This tub will last you a long time for sure.

  • Scent – 4
  • Lather Performance – 3.5
  • Lather Life – 3
  • Overall – 3.5

By the way, if you want to scold me for technique or if you want to tell me how you get a great lather from Castle Forbes Lime, or even if you want to agree with me so I don’t feel so left out, just post a comment below and let me know!  Thanks for reading 🙂

Review: Taylor of Old Bond Street – Eton College Shaving Cream

Taylor of Old Bond Street - Eton College Shaving Cream

Taylor of Old Bond Street – Eton College Shaving Cream

I am continually impressed by Taylor of Old Bond Street.  I picked up a tub of TOBS Eton College Shaving Cream recently, and have been using it the past few days.  I would love to be schooled enough about Eton College to go off on some literary journey about the history of the school, a campus where the children of dignitaries around the world were educated shoulder-to-shoulder with young English royals.  And perhaps they all loved citrus so much that Taylor of Old Bond Street crafted this citrusy fragrance just for them.  But I don’t know about any of that.

What I can talk about is the lather.  I have reviewed several of TOBS’s creams, and mostly have the same things to say over and over again.  And the lather of Eton College is no different.  This stuff lathered up just the same as many of the others I have reviewed, using a very small amount of cream to whip up a very rich, thick, slick, and cushioning lather.  And it lasts and lasts and lasts.  After my third pass I had enough lather for at least another full three-pass shave.  Fantastic.

The scent is mainly citrusy.  It’s a very light and brisk cologne scent.  Off the top you are hit with a decent lemony-orange flavor, with floral notes backing them up.  This is all over very slight woody/patchouli basenotes, which bring the cologne feel into the scent.  Those basenotes are not very strong.  Actually the entire scent is not very strong in this cream.  Overall it smells like a light citrus-fronted cologne.  If this sounds like something you’d like, I am quite sure you’ll love this stuff.

Personally I am not so much a cologne guy.  I have found some exceptions to that rule as I go along on these reviews, but I don’t think Eton College is for me.  I can’t say a single bad thing about the lather, but the scent broaches too much on the cologne edge for me to stick with this cream.  I’d probably personally stick with TOBS’s Grapefruit and Jermyn Street shaving creams.

Review: Taylor of Old Bond Street – Lavender Shaving Cream

Taylor of Old Bond Street - Lavender Shaving Cream

Taylor of Old Bond Street – Lavender Shaving Cream

I have been consistently pleased with Taylor of Old Bond Street’s products.  And I was super excited when my last shipment of shaving creams arrived in the mail because I have lately been really getting into the lavender scent and today is the day I got to finally try Taylor of Old Bond Street’s Lavender Shaving Cream.

In the bowl this cream was a little on the dry side, closer to a croap than a cream.  For those who don’t know a “croap” is a cream that has a denser, dryer consistency, that seems more like a solid soap than a cream, however yields to pressure.

The scent is wonderful.  Taylor of Old Bond Street describes their take on lavender:  “A natural lavender interpretation with hints of orange, floral notes and cedarwood.”  I would say that the extra notes of orange, floral, and cedarwood are very light notes, as the lavender scent in general jumps out at you.

However I have learned from the scent of their grapefruit shaving cream, that if they just put the single note of lavender in there, the scent would be very one-dimensional and probably off-putting in the long run.  Having these extra notes in there on a very subtle level is what really rounds out the scent and provides a faint yet complex depth to the overall fragrance of this cream.  If you’re a fan of lavender, you will love this take on it.  It’s pretty strong out of the tub.  It’s light yet present while you’re whipping up your lather and is just wonderful while shaving.  Not too strong, not too light.

Personally I found the lather just slightly lacking oomph.  Having shaved many times with their avocado and Jermyn Street creams, I felt the lather whipped up a little on the light side.  It was cushiony and slick, but slightly less so as I went along from pass to pass.  I can tell you one thing though, I had a 100% nick free shave.  Smooth as silk and not a single drop of blood, honest.  I may have had not enough cream in the mix and will keep trying.  If I get a better result I will come back and update you all.

  • Scent – 4
  • Lather Performance – 4
  • Lather Life – 3.5
  • Overall – 4

Hard to complain with such an amazing shave, but I thought the lather would be a little richer than what I was able to procure.  The scent and the end result of the shave were fantastic tho, and so I can still recommend this stuff, especially if you like lavender.

Review: Queen Charlotte Soaps – Green Irish Tweed Type Shaving Cream

Queen Charlotte Soaps - Green Irish Tweed Type Shaving Cream

Queen Charlotte Soaps – Green Irish Tweed Type Shaving Cream

It’s good to be back!  I’ve had a few rough weeks, that started with packing up for a move, then moving, then unpacking and finally getting so sick that I lost my sense of taste and smell for a week.  Well folks, I am back, ready to shave, and better yet, ready to write about it!

While I was sick, I decided to sell some of my shave den supplies that I don’t use much, and replace them with things I have not yet tried.  I recently picked up a bundle of barely used shaving creams that are new to me, and they arrived today.  First up?  Green Irish Tweed Type Shaving Cream by Queen Charlotte Soaps.

Let’s talk scent.  The scent is light and fresh.  Citrusy up top, floral in the middle, over a mysore sandalwood base.  I know that it’s hard to imagine the scent.  Those of you who know Creed’s Irish Tweed scent will know what I am talking about.  I would also hazard to say it smells a bit like Irish Spring soap.  Maybe a bit warmer to the nose.  It’s not heavily scented.  You have to go really close to the soap to smell it out of the tin, and even when lathering and shaving it’s still a light-handed approach to a scent.  Personally it’s not my favorite scent.  But I wanted to give it a try.  That said, it’s not a powerful scent, and is quite clean and provided a nice little spark to my morning.

As for the lather, it was great!  First off, the shaving cream made by Queen Charlotte Soaps is frequently described as a “croap”, somewhere in between a cream and a soap.  It’s hard but softens to pressure.  And it didn’t take much to whip up a this tallow cream into a nice thick yogurty lather.  Some cream lathers I have tried recently have disappointed me in that the lather whips up a little light and foamy.  Not QCS.  This lather, like I said is nice and thick.  It provided a nice cushion and plenty of slickness for my razor.  The lather also rinsed clean, leaving just a slight hint of the sandalwood base for me to smell after the shave.  And on top of that, it did that thing that I love: it got better and better with each pass.

  • Scent – 3
  • Lather Performance – 4
  • Lather Life – 4.5
  • Overall – 3.5

I gave this cream a 3.5 rating only because the scent is not for me.  Otherwise, it was a really great shave.

Oh and Queen Charlotte Soaps gets a big hi-five for ingredients too.  Almost entirely natural, and with great stuff for your face, especially aloe vera and vitamin E.  If you have not tried any of their soaps or creams, do yourself a favor and give them a shot.  They have a wide array of fragrances and their creams and soaps perform exceptionally well.  I even love their shampoo bars!

Review: Truefitt & Hill – Trafalgar Shaving Cream

Truefitt & Hill - Trafalgar Shaving Cream

Truefitt & Hill – Trafalgar Shaving Cream

As I started getting into traditional wetshaving, I initially ordered a lot of samplers of creams, soaps, and aftershaves.  It’s the move that spawned the very website you are reading right now.  Initially I was really into bay rums, and things scented with pretty obvious ingredients like Lime, or orange, or straight up sandalwood.  But these samplers from Truefitt & Hill I just wasn’t sure about.  They smelled musky to me.  Maybe a little old man smelling, maybe a little bit like a Macy’s perfume counter.  I used to hate the perfume counter but I find that in my journey trying out all these scents, I have grown.  A lot.

And that brings us to today.  I finally reached over and picked up the little sample of Truefitt & Hill’s Trafalgar Shaving Cream.

Trafalgar is one of Truefitt & Hill’s signature scents.  Perhaps their most signature scent.  At first sniff, it smells clean yet complex.  It is not a simple scent, and I think that is what threw me a little when i first picked it up.  If you sniff around Truefitt & Hill’s website, you will find the exact description of the scent:  “top notes of Cedar and Sandalwood complemented by subtle hints of Jasmine and Spice”.  While it may be tough to make out what that smells like in your mind, I can tell you that the combination really is wonderful.  Its a clean (cedar), slightly sweet (jasmine) but very distinguished scent.  It’s manly, but playful.  It yells out “gentleman”.

On the shave end, it’s a glycerin soap.  I have lately been going deeper and deeper down the tallow road, thouroughly enjoying the pleasures of the thick and rich qualities that tallow brings to a shaving cream/soap.

I started with a dollop of cream that was slightly smaller than an almond.  It whipped up into an amazing amount of lather, and I hardly needed much water to make it explode.  It’s pointless to say how many passes this lather could have been used for, because it really just would have kept going and going and going.  The lather was rich and creamy, but I found that I am spoiled by tallow-based soaps and creams, because I found the lather wasn’t as slick and cushioning as other lathers I have tried.  It does last though, as each pass got better than the last, with a little whipping with my brush before each application.  I found that by the time I got to the last part of each pass, the lather was starting to fade on my face.  Not bad, but not as good as I have had with other soaps.

Of course, I sit here with a super smooth face.  I had a nick-free shave, and my skin feels smooth and moisturized.  Glycerin is great stuff for your skin, and as I mentioned, this cream is glycerin-based.

Overall, while it didn’t quite measure up to some tallow-based soaps and creams, the scent carries this glycerin-based cream to a height far above other glycerin-based soaps and creams.  And if the scent doesn’t do it, the brand sure should.  Truefitt & Hill is the world’s oldest barbershop, and these scents have been around for a long long time, and are even used by royalty (if that matters to you).  Whether or not it does doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that this is a time tested brand, a time tested scent, and there are many many people out there that love it.  I personally think you owe it to your face to try Truefitt & Hill’s Trafalgar Shaving Cream.

  • Scent – 4.5
  • Lather Performance – 4
  • Lather Life – 4
  • Overall – 4

Review: Geo F Trumper – GFT Shaving Cream

Geo F Trumper - GFT Shaving Cream

Geo F Trumper – GFT Shaving Cream

So what does a GFT smell like?  That’s what I was about to find out.  My supply of samples is starting to thin a bit, so today I grabbed one that isn’t a lime or orange or rose or any simple scent: Geo F Trumper’s GFT Shaving Cream.

While the scent isn’t a simple one-note song, it isn’t overly complex either.  Now, being a person who hasn’t always fancied the smell of musk, I had a little trepidation reaching for GFT because musk is a note in it’s scent.  It starts off with top notes of mandarin and lemon.  In the middle-range are “woody notes of cypress and bittersweet tarragon.  And the base notes are composed of cedar and moss with a “musk-like base”.  And yes, that musky base note is there.

Overall the scent is bright and fresh with a strong bottom.  It’s citrusy, but with the woody and musk-like notes, it’s very manly.  It’s not a sweet citrusy scent, but a smart citrusy scent.  It’s similar to Taylor of Old Bond Street’s Jermyn Street scent, but again, with some woodier notes involved.  This scent has a little too much of the woody/musky thing going on for my taste, but fans of that scent profile will really love this scent, I’m sure.

Also I should say that for a shaving cream, the scent has some staying power.  It actually still is lingering here after the application of my aftershave.

The lather is really good.  A little does go a long way.  I used a large pea-sized dollop of cream, and I knew almost immediately I should have used a small pea-sized dollop.  There was enough lather for 6+ passes, and I only needed three.

I did a three-pass shave, and the lather started off a little on the weak side, but got better and better.  The third pass had the best lather, thick and yogurt-like, pretty much exactly what I am looking for from a lather.  I just wish I had that lather for all three passes.  It could be because I used too much cream to start with.  This stuff also does not need much water to lather up good.

It also does not thin out at all while you’re shaving.  It did just a little during the first pass but the lather did get better and better.

Overall I really did enjoy the shave I got from GFT.  The scent is not my favorite, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great scent.  Look up the reviews on Amazon.com, and you’ll see there are many people out there that really love it.  Here’s my ratings:

  • Scent – 3.5
  • Lather Performance – 4
  • Lather Life – 4.5
  • Overall – 4


Review: Truefitt & Hill – West Indian Lime Shaving Cream

Truefitt & Hill - West Indian Limes Shaving Cream

Truefitt & Hill – West Indian Limes Shaving Cream

As some of you may know, I have had samplers of several of Truefitt & Hill creams sitting around for a while, waiting for me to get over the hesitation I have of trying them out.  It’s partly because I am not sure about the scent when I sniff the sampler, and partially because of the fact that so many people love this company’s products, that I feel too small to be a reviewer.

But I am over it.  And today, I shaved with Truefitt & Hill West Indian Lime Shaving Cream.  And it was awesome.

Let’s start with the lather performance.  I have been spoiled a bit lately by tallow soaps and they have set a very high bar for me when it comes to slickness and cushion.  T&H’s West Indian Lime Shaving Cream is not a tallow-based cream, so as such it’s not quite what one would find in a tallow counterpart.  But, Truefitt & Hill does not disappoint.

The lather was very thick for a cream.  I took the time to whip it up really good, and got a lot of cusion and some decent slickness.  It went on thick on my beard, and allowed the razor to do exactly what it needed to do.

As for the lather life, I feel it felt just slightly short.  While in the mug, the lather got better and better with each pass, with easily enough lather for 5 or 6 passes.  However, I found the lather was starting to die on my face while I was performing each pass.  So If I started shaving my neck, by the time I got to my moustache, I found the lather was thinning and needed a little touchup.

As for the scent, it is delicious limes.  Now looking at Truefitt & Hill’s description, you will find it contains notes of lemon, lime, and other citrus scents.  I totally get that.  Before I read that I did pick up a slight hint of orange, and felt overall that it was a citrus scent that was a little bit of a darker lime.  Now lime, as everyone knows, is a zingy citrus scent.  Very acidic, sharp, and usually lasts a very short time.  I think this is a brilliant take on the lime scent.  It’s rounded down a little with the other citrus scents, and I wouldn’t doubt that there are other deeper fragrance notes buried underneath the top citrus notes to draw out the scent a little more.  I can’t say it’s my favorite lime scented product, but I can say it’s a very unique and good one.

I shaved with my usual setup:  Weber DLC with a brand new Personna Medical Prep razor blade.  I finished with Thayer’s Rose Witch Hazel, and Geo F Trumper’s Extract of Limes Skin Food.  BBS (baby-butt smooth) shave with only one weeper from a careless move on my neck 😉

So for Truefitt & Hill’s West Indian Limes Shaving Cream:

  • Scent – 4
  • Lather Performance – 4
  • Lather Life – 4.5
  • Overall – 4