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Review: Geo F Trumper – Eucris Shaving Cream

Geo F Trumper - Eucris Shaving Cream

Geo F Trumper – Eucris Shaving Cream

Alright, its been a little while since I shaved with my buddy Geo.  So today I decided to go back to the company that drove me face-first into the world of classic wetshaving.

Today’s candidate was one that has been sitting here tempting me for a long time, Geo F. Trumper’s Eucris Shaving Cream.  It is part of a sampler of scents and creams that I got from Geo F Trumper a little while back.  I loved the Rose, and was hoping I was going to love this one just as much.

The way I am processing all these varied scents is to go with the basic and obvious first.  So from lime-scented products, I can go to orange and grapefruit, even a bay rum here and there.  Rose will smell exactly what I think it will smell like, as will your basic sandalwood.

But then there are these named scents, for instance Eucris.  And they end up being a bit of a surprise.  I’m going in not knowing what to expect.  I did this with Taylor of Old Bond Street’s Jermyn Street Shaving Cream and was blown away by what I found.  Not only the business-end lathering, but also the fun-side scent.

So here I was staring at Eucris, again not knowing what to expect.  Here’s what happened.

I lathered it as I lathered Trumpers Rose Shaving Cream.  I got to where I felt it was at its best.  Maybe I was wrong.  It seemed the lather was more of a 9 to the Rose’s 9.5.  Not a bad lather, per se, as some of the most recent creams I have tried, but not a great luxurious lather that I was expecting.  But I did still find it cushioning and also added slickness to my face.  The razor went across my skin really nice and the whiskers were gone.  I did have a bbs shave, but with just a few small weepers (tiny nicks) on my neck.  The stuff rinsed clean off my face, and also, more importantly, got better with each pass.  Just a little added whipping between passes and it was thicker and richer than the pass before, with the final pass being quite good.

The scent was really nice.  For those in the know, I am no fan of the Macy’s cologne counter.  I don’t really like musky scents at all.  Admittedly, this has a musky scent.  Here’s how it’s described on their website:

An eau de toilette with panache, the striking fragrance of Eucris sweeps the gentleman into the realms of utter sophistication and pleasure. The warm, sensual beauty of sandalwood, musk and moss is enhanced by a heart of rich, honey-like jasmine and exquisite muguet. Rousing, peppery top notes of cumin and coriander radiate with the fullness of plump blackcurrants.

Now that says a lot but im sure most of you don’t know what it smells like.  For me its a dark, manly scent that takes me back to a dusty victorian room, where gentlemen in bowler hats, with lit pipes and glasses of bourbon in hand were discussing matters of politics.  This scent was launched in the early 1900’s and absolutely smells like it.

It may not be my favorite scent, but maybe its one I would like to have on hand for poker night or a wine tasting.  It’s actually quite luxurious and I can see it being a nice scent to wear on days or nights where you want to be a gentleman amongst men.

Geo F Trumper Eucris Shaving Cream is available at Amazon.com!

Review: Taylor of Old Bond Street – Grapefruit Shaving Cream

Taylor of Old Bond Street - Grapefruit Shaving Cream

Taylor of Old Bond Street – Grapefruit Shaving Cream

When I was a wee lad, my dear mother would cut a grapefruit for my brother and I, giving each of us half, pre-cut so that we just needed a spoon.  Back then, before we knew that it was really good, we used to say “ew” because grapefruit can be quite bitter, and our sense of taste was begging for Fruit Loops or Lucky Charms, or anything loaded with sugar.  So what did we do? We sprinkled some sugar on top to make it taste better.  Come to think of it, “sprinkled” is probably not the right word.  My poor mom.

These days, as a grown man with a manly man shaving routine, I have rediscovered grapefruit.  I rarely get orange juice, reaching instead for the the slightly bittersweet taste of grapefruit juice.  And when I do eat the actual fruit, there are no sprinklings of sugar needed.

And so the news came with a great deal of delight on my part:  Taylor of Old Bond street, who’s avocado shave cream I have fallen in love with, has just come out with a new scent to add to their line of shave creams… Taylor of Old Bond Street Grapefruit Shaving Cream!

Right out of the gate this stuff smells awesome.  It’s what you might expect, a fresh, tart, and zesty citrus note greets you right away.

Now let me just make a note right here that Taylor of Old Bond Street are pretty smart.  If I had not checked, I would have just assumed grapefruit was the only note in the fragrance.  But I am also a smart cookie myself, and I know that citrus scents are top notes, and as such are usually thin and very short lived.  So I took a look, and found that indeed, there is not only an additional orange citrus note, but also “floral and crisp green” notes.

Now knowing this, I took a re-sniff, and indeed they are there.  I suspect that the orange is there to strengthen and round out the citrus aspect, and that the floral and green notes are there only to extend the scent and give it some backbone.  The resulting blend is unquestionably grapefruit, and to the uneducated nose would be grapefruit alone.  However, purely going grapefruit alone would probably result in an adolescent attempt at a grapefruit scent.  Most likely very weak and one-dimensional.  I raise my mug to the individuals who developed this exquisite and smart fragrance blend.  Bravo.

The lather is also top notch.  I do love Taylor of Old Bond Street creams.  Both that I have tried (avocado and Jermyn Street) have delivered ultra-rich, creamy lathers.  Their grapefruit shaving cream is no different.  A small almond-sized dollop delivered enough lather for 5+ passes, and the lather got better with each pass.  For me, the ultimate test is what the lather is like on the second pass.  Some lathers start breaking down, some are just the same, and some improve.  I really like it when they improve.  Very much like Mitchell’s Wool Fat when lathered correctly, there is something about the lather resting that thickens it up and adds to it’s cushioning aspect.  These are the ones to hold on to.  And Taylor of Old Bond Street’s Grapefruit shaving cream did just that.

It wasn’t as slick as I was hoping.  Both the avocado and Jermyn street I felt had a slicker feel to them, when shaving and when rinsing.  But this is a review of just one shave.  The lather is also very clean, meaning it didn’t gunk up in my razor, and rinsed very cleanly off my face.

Also, I should mention that I had a 100% nick-free shave.  Not a single spot of red.  I used my Weber DLC razor loaded with a fresh Personna Medical Prep blade.  Also, I sit here writing this irritation-free, bbs (baby butt smooth) and with my skin feeling nicely moisturized, not dry and tight.

I had a great shave today.

Taylor of Old Bond Street’s Grapefruit Shaving Cream is available at Amazon.com!

Review: Kiss My Face – Key Lime Moisture Shave

Kiss My Face - Key Lime Moisture Shave

Kiss My Face – Key Lime Moisture Shave

So yes, I’m pretty easy to please, and you can see I have given many glowing reviews of most of the products I have tried.  I do love key lime.  But I also like a really good thick decent lather.  And that’s why I was somewhat disappointed after today’s shave.

Kiss My Face Key Lime Moisture Shave is quite inexpensive.  And I had seen some good reviews of this stuff.  So when I saw it at my local Whole Foods store, I took a whiff of the key lime tube, and instantly dropped it in my basket.

I shaved with it a few weeks ago.  I was impressed with the scent, but not so much with the lather.  I put the bottle on the side for a little while, while trying and reviewing many other products.  I wanted to give this a fair shake and thought, one bad lathering experience… maybe it’s me.

I’m pretty sure it’s not me.  Of course, as Ill say in almost every review: your mileage may vary (YMMV).

I do love the scent.  Key lime is awesome.  It’s a zippy, clean version of lime, as if lime wasn’t zippy and clean enough.  Key lime is just a less-sweet, smarter, tarter version of lime.  The stuff lathered up pretty good, but I don’t find it cushioning enough.  It seemed more of a light, foamy lather.  Not very substantive.

The first pass was decent enough.  Covered my face, and went on somewhat thicker than I expected out of the mug.  But I could tell that there wasn’t much cushion, or even slickness for that matter.

By the second pass, the lather was starting to fall apart, and wasn’t thick.  The third pass was even worse.  It looked like a lather, in the mug, but went on almost like water.

If you get your shaves done pretty quickly, in one or two passes, this might be worth a look-see.  As I said, the stuff smells great, and the ingredients include a lot of stuff that should be good for your skin.  And the price is certainly right.

But for those that like a super thick lathering experience, and associate the word “zen” with “shave”, I can’t recommend this stuff for you.

YMMV, of course.

Kiss My Face Key Lime Moisture Shave is available at Amazon.com!

Review: The Body Shop – Maca Root Shave Cream

The Body Shop - Maca Root Shave Cream

The Body Shop – Maca Root Shave Cream

The Body Shop – Maca Root Shave Cream.  This one is an enigma.

First of all, I didn’t have to order this stuff online.  As if I was living in a dream, I was actually able to go to my local mall, hit the Body Shop store, take a tube of this off the shelf, and go home with it.  Ahh the wonders of the world pre-internet.

This stuff is also unique in it’s scent.  Well, I should say, unique for me.  Because having hand-picked the items I’m reviewing, I tend to stick to a few categories: bay rum, citrus, floral, etc.

Also unique in this product is something called maca root.  I still have no idea what maca root is, or why it’s good.  But I checked the Body Shop website and read this:

Peruvian maca root (Lepidium meyenii) is renowned in South America for its energy-giving and libido enhancing properties. It helps energize and help boost skin vitality.

Listen, I’ve watched the Discovery Channel.  It seems every culture has that thing they eat/drink/soupify that makes your penis better/stronger/longer, or “enhances the libido” in some way.  Sometimes I just feel sorry for those people.  But sometimes, though not very often, they are right.  I decided to hit up wikipedia on maca root, and found that there have actually been several double-blind studies that it can increase sperm count, boost libido, improve sexual desire, and alleviate sexual disfunction.

Yup.  Alright, so now that we’re all listening, let’s talk about the shave.

This stuff lathers extremely well.  It foams up in a very dense lather, with very little water needed.  It’s actually one of the best latherers I have encountered so far.  Definitely on par with Taylor of Old Bond Street creams.  It’s a different lather, maybe more dense.  It provides a heck of a lot of cushion for your razor.

The smell at first was not what I wanted to smell.  My first thought was, “uh oh, cologne counter”.  But very quickly I realized it was in essence a very clean, almost linen type of scent.  It’s a cool scent that for the morning was quite refreshing and not cloying.  It rinsed away clean and doesn’t interfere whatsoever with anything that might go on your face afterwards.

Post shave, my skin is definitely moisturized and conditioned.  And my shave was really smooth.

I can’t say that this is my favorite shaving cream.  I really do find myself to be more a fan of creams that have more of the classic scents, like citrus, bay rums, and even woodier scents like sandalwood.  However, if you like a clean/linen type of scent, then I very highly recommend this stuff.  Not only is it very easy to acquire, but it is an excellent latherer, provides excellent razor cushion, and is relatively inexpensive to boot!  And it just might improve you’re libido (YMMV for sure).

And you don’t have to take my word for it.  As of this writing, there are 84 reviews on the Body Shop website, resulting in a 5/5 star rating.  Oh you think they are biased?  Well go to this product’s page on Amazon and you’ll find another 9 reviews resulting in another 5/5 star rating.

It really is a great product.

Review: Taylor of Old Bond Street – Jermyn Street Shaving Cream

Taylor of Old Bond Street - Jermyn Street Shaving Cream

Taylor of Old Bond Street – Jermyn Street Shaving Cream

So here is a description of the fragrance from Taylor of Old Bond Street’s own website:

A modern fresh fougere fragrance with bergamot, lemon, lime and lavender supported by a heart of geranium, neroli and amber resting on a substantive base of musk, patchouli and vanilla. An allergen free fragrance which contains Patchouli oil.

So, after reading the fragrance list, you might still have to ask what Taylor of Old Bond Street’s Jermyn Street Shaving Cream smells like.  It’s ok.  I did too.  It’s interesting, because its such a simple scent at first, and then once you know that there are many scents going on, you realize how complex it is.

For the simple nose, which I have exactly one of, I would say it starts off citrusy, then gets floral.  For me it sort of ends there.  But if I concentrate and fish for other scents, I definitely can sense the vanilla and patchouli notes.  But, like I said, once you recognize all the scents, they are much easier to notice.

Overall, it’s a fresh clean scent (thanks to the floral notes), with an invigorating zip to it, (thanks to the citrus) that is also well rounded (thanks to the base notes).  Does that help?  Of course it doesn’t!  I know you.  I know you because I know me.  You’re going to have to get some to be satisfied.  Go for it.  You won’t be sorry, unless you hate floral notes.  Then you’ll probably be a little bit sorry.  Until you shave with it.

This stuff is also marketed for folks like me with sensitive skin, which is quite a remarkable feat, considering products marketed for sensitive skin tend to be very lightly scented, if not unscented, because essential oils tend to make the skin very angry.

Alright, you’ve been waiting long enough – how was the shave?  Awesome.

I used a pea-sized dab from my little sample container.  Using my Simpsons Duke II best badger brush, I whipped this stuff up good.  It loves water, so I added a few drops at a time, swishing, flopping, and dabbing the brush in my mug.  After about 2 minutes, I had a super rich, delicious smelling lather.

They call this a luxury shaving cream.  I hate it when people use words and then the words don’t match up to the product they are selling.  Well, no worries here.  This is without a doubt a luxury shaving cream.  From a pea-sized ball, I got enough amazing lather for at least 6 passes.  I’m not even slightly kidding.

So as I lathered the stuff onto my face, the smell was incredible.  I found myself slowing down while lathering, soaking up the enjoyment of how thick this stuff applied to my face, and how wonderful it smelled.

The shave was 100% nick free.  I owe a great deal of it to this stuff and how slick it made my skin.  I had a 3-pass BBS (baby-butt-smooth) shave.  Also I wanted to specifically note how slick and smooth my skin felt as I rinsed my face between each pass.  There’s only a few shaving creams/soaps that I have tried that performed like this.  Mitchell’s Wool Fat is one of them.  That’s a high honor in my book.

I do have sensitive skin.  And my skin feels GREAT right now.  Awesome.

Review: Truefitt & Hill – Sandalwood Shaving Cream

Truefitt & Hill - Sandalwood Shave Cream

Truefitt & Hill – Sandalwood Shave Cream

You bastards.  I wasn’t going to write a review today.  I was just going to check out this sample I’ve had sitting around for at least a couple months now.  I’ve been trying all kinds of shaving creams and soaps, and going back to some favorites in between reviews, and I kept looking at my sampler pack of Truefitt & Hill Shaving Creams going “nah, not today”… Well, finally today was the day.  But let me explain my hesitation.

It’s pretty simple really.  Simply smelling the samples of the Truefitt & Hill line didn’t excite me.  They all smelled somewhat “old man” to me.  I can’t tell you where I got the idea, but maybe it’s an extension of my disdain for the department store cologne/perfume counter.  For those who are not well versed in my tales, I distain them.  I distain them a lot.

Now Truefitt & Hill don’t exactly smell like that.  But, since I started this wetshaving chapter of my life, I for the first time ventured away from the can of goo.  Actually I did that a long time ago, and since then just used a cartridge razor in the shower and the natural oils on my face with no shaving cream.

Then I found bay rums.  Then I found citrusy scents like orange and lime.  Then I found the splendor of proraso, tho Im not terribly fond of the scent.  Then I ordered the Truefitt & Hill samplers, and discovered they had no sweetness to them.  No exciting bay feel.  “Boo” I booed.  And in my drawer of samples they sat, untouched, since then.

Then today came, and I reached in and randomly pulled out the Truefitt & Hill Sandalwood Shaving Cream sample.  I smelled it and thought, “I dunno”.  But then I thought, “you wrote a review yesterday, you don’t need to write one today, so just try this out today and see what you think of the cream itself.”

Am I ever glad I did.  What was I thinking waiting so long to try this stuff?

Truefitt & Hill are renowned for their scents and the quality of their lather.  I was dissuaded by the smell out of the sample tin, but I should know by now that shaving products smell different in the tin/tub/bottle than they do on your face.

This sandalwood scent was just awesome.  As I was lathering, it kicked up into my nose.  When I put it on, it was like a 6th sense, just swimming around in the air.  Not too strong, mind you, but strong enough.  And at the same time, it was light enough to take a bit of a back seat while I focused on the incredible shave.

The lather is as advertised and reviewed.  Super rich.  I used the typical almond-sized dollop of cream, and with 2 minutes of swirling and adding drops of water, found a super-rich lather that honestly was enough for at least 6 passes.  And with each pass (and just a little bit of whipping) the lather was better and better and better.

It contains a glycerin-based moisturizing formula, according to T&H, which provided one of the slickest and cleanest shaves I have had in a long time.

And the whole while, I was admonishing myself for calling this stuff “old man” because the scent and experience made me feel, even if for a moment, like I was in another time, a time before cartridge razors were invented.  It honestly whisked me away for a moment there.  I can’t say there were that many creams that did that for me.

Truefitt & Hill.  Damn you for being so unexpectedly good.  I have a few other scents that I have had sitting there, a little bit afraid of the “old man” scent.  Those will be getting a fair shake (or a fair shave?) for sure.  Awesome.

Check out Truefitt & Hill Sandalwood Shaving Cream on Amazon.com!

Review: Geo F Trumper – Limes Shaving Cream

Geo F Trumper - Limes Shaving Cream

Geo F Trumper – Limes Shaving Cream

Oh Geo F Trumper, you devil you.  You have to go make me fall in love with you again.  And again… So next in my review line was Geo F Trumper’s Limes Shaving Cream.  It’s part of a sample pack I ordered from them a month or so ago.

Let me just say right off the bat that these creams from Geo F Trumper lather up spectacularly.  People say to use an almond-sized dollop for a cream, but I used a pea-sized dollop and had enough thick, rich lather for at least 6 passes.  I’m really not kidding.  YMMV (your mileage may vary) of course, and it depends on how good you lather, but it didn’t take much effort (or water!) to turn that pea sized dollop into a mountain of awesome.

The scent is interesting.  You see, I also use GFT’s Extract of Limes skin food, which to me has more of a sweet lime scent.  So I was expecting this sweet aroma from the lather, but that’s not what I got.  I got more of a spicier lime, kind of that London-esque scent, more like the old man barbershop old spice kind of note to it.  Those of you who have used Truefitt & Hill products will know what I am talking about.  It was not unpleasant by any means, actually it was quite nice.  Clean and refreshing.  But the lime is dominant, just with that spicy background to it.

The lather provided an amazing cushion for my razor, and rinsed off easily off of both the razor and my face.  I love a thick rich lather that also washes off easily.  No gunking on the blade, and no sticking to my face.  And it doesn’t feel like it’s caking up in my razor while im shaving.  It’s just a great lather.

Overall, I am just as happy with Geo F Trumper’s Limes shaving cream as I am with their rose shaving cream.  And I have four more samples of their creams to go through, so do come back!

You can order Geo F Trumper’s Limes Shaving Cream on Amazon.com!

Review: Geo F. Trumper Rose Shaving Cream

Geo F. Trumper Rose Shaving Cream

Geo F. Trumper Rose Shaving Cream

Our ship is sailing in a sea of samples.  And one lot that I received a short time ago is from a very special brand, Geo F. Trumper.  Their sandalwood skin food, which I have yet to review, was the first non-modern shaving product I tried.  I fell in love with the scent, and it was that scent that truly opened my eyes to the whole world of shaving products out there that are not your typical go-to things like the can-of-goo shaving cream, and aqua velva aftershave (no knock intended).

Anyway, in browsing the shaving forums, I discovered a post saying that Geo F Trumper offers free samples of their products, all you have to pay for is shipping.  So I instantly went over to their website and ordered a sampler (they choose which items to send).  So now I have 2 skin foods, and several shaving creams and colognes.  So we are all set for some smooth sailing my friends..

The first one I am trying is Geo F. Trumper’s Rose Shaving Cream.  The sample comes in a small flat round glass jar, which supplies an ample amount of cream.  I always hear people say that you want an almond-sized amount of cream to shave with.  I’d say that this is about the right size.

The scent out of the jar is a light but present rose scent.  It’s also a pink-colored product, and when whipped up retains a light pink hue.  The rose scent also holds up in similar fashion.  The scent infiltrates the air around you as you whip up the lather.  Oh yeah, let’s talk lather.

This cream whips up into an incredible amount of lather.  With the amount supplied, there is easily enough lather for 6 passes, and as with several creams I have tried, the lather seems to get better and better with each pass.  When applied to the face, the scent is very light but clean and refreshing as well.  It’s a really beautiful scent.

And this product, meant for sensitive skin, has an ample amount of glycerin included to moisturize your skin as you shave.  In fact, using my Weber DLC and a fresh Feather blade, I had one of the closest BBS shaves I’ve had to date, with absolutely no nicks and zero irritation.  It was an awesome shave, with an awesome scent, and an awesome lather.  I was actually very surprised how much I liked this shaving cream.

Geo F. Trumper, you continue to make this guy a very happy shaver!

Check out Geo F. Trumper’s Rose Shaving Cream at Amazon.com!

Review: C.O. Bigelow Premium Shave Cream

C.O. Bigelow Premium Shave Cream

C.O. Bigelow Premium Shave Cream

First, I should mention a couple things.

1) This product is marketed as C.O. Bigelow Shave Cream, but in reality this product is essentially identical to Proraso Shave Cream, and is made by Proraso using the exact same ingredients.

2) The product I am using is known as the “new formula” and therefore does not include the parabens that were found in the “old formula”.

So for Christmas I received a Bath & Body Works gift card from my girlfriend’s mother.  It was a lovely gift, and afforded me the opportunity to try out a shaving cream that I have heard a lot about, and one that receives almost constant glowing praise:  C.O. Bigelow Premium Shave Cream.  My girlfriend and I have been visiting her family in Florida for the past week, and I have shaved with it every day, and it has been awesome.

As with other creams, you only need a small, almond-sized dab.  Whip it up a little with your brush, add some drops of water, whip more, add more water, whip more.  Eventually within a couple of minutes, you will have a rich luxurious lather that whips up super-thick and creamy on your face.  A small dab will give you enough lather to last 10 passes.  And the cream does not age.  My last pass is just as luxurious as the first pass.  It is an AMAZING latherer.

On the face, it smells fresh and clean.  The camphor-eucalyptus smell is an invigorating scent, and the menthol cools your face more and more with each pass.  It will moisturize your skin, with the included glycerin.  But the way this stuff works as a shave cream is the best part.  It allows the razor to do exactly what it wants to do, and that is to glide on your skin while removing your whiskers.  In the entire week I used it, I needed my styptic pencil only one time, for one weeper, which was my fault anyway!  Seriously, this stuff is awesome.

And when you go to rinse off after your shave, your face will feel amazing, glowing in a menthol breeze, with that clean feeling still lingering, though thats not to say the soap is clingy.  No, the soap will rinse right off, and leave nothing but that menthol trace on your skin, a great way to start the day.

Oh, and if you have sensitive skin, as I am discovering that I probably do, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about with this stuff.  I had zero rash or anything using this product.  It totally rinses clean and was super gentle with my skin.

I wasn’t sure when I bought this if I would like it that much.  I was wrong.  I love it.

C.O. Bigelow Shave Cream is available from Amazon.com!

Review: Taylor of Old Bond Street – Avocado Shaving Cream

Taylor of Old Bond Street - Avocado Shaving Cream

Taylor of Old Bond Street – Avocado Shaving Cream

Alright.. In the absence of bay rums to try and review, I’m gonna keep the reviews coming, and hopefully give you, the reader, as many options as I can when it comes to all of these shaving products.

I am discovering that I have slightly sensitive skin.  I don’t react too badly to products, but as I go along, I am starting to realize that my face can get a little itchy here and there.  So I decided to go back and pull out this stuff again, because I never had a bad reaction to it.  When I first started shaving back in October, Taylor of Old Bond Street Avocado Shaving Cream was my go-to stuff.  I bought it on recommendation from other shavers on the message boards, and because it was pretty cheap in comparison to other creams.

First off, a little goes a long way.  First off, I leave my brush to soak in hot water while I’m in the shower.  When I go to load the brush, I first shake out most of the water.  Once I have eliminated about 3/4 of the water, I very lightly swirl my brush in the tub, as if I was trying to load it onto a feather without breaking the feather.  Does that make sense?  So I just swirl it around a few times, until some of the cream is on the brush.  I’m not going deep here, just brushing the top of the cream to get some on the brush.  An alternative is to dip your finger in and get an amount a little smaller than an almond.  Just a little swab.  Just remember a little goes a long way.

So I swirl my loaded brush in my Old Spice mug, adding drops of water here and there, and in about a minute, I’ve got a half a mug full of thick, warm lather just waiting to be slathered onto my face.  So why wait?

As I start swirling the brush around my face there are two awesome sensations going on.  First is the smell.  The smell has grown on me a lot.  There are many reviews from people out there saying they are not sure about the smell, some don’t like it at all.  Personally, when I first tried this stuff, it didn’t smell like avocado to me.  There is avocado in the smell, but also maybe a bit of lavender(?).  Honestly it’s not a strong smell.  It’s a clean smell.  I understand that smell is a personal thing.  Some people hate this stuff, some love it.  A lot of people say it’s grown on them.  I’m one of those, and I really do like the smell now.

The second is the sound.  There is something about using a cream as opposed to a soap.  It has this thick sloshing sound as you swirl it around that feels and sounds just awesome.  It drives you directly into the heart of that zen experience that shaving should be.

So yeah, this stuff lathers amazingly well.  I wouldn’t necessarily face lather with this stuff.  It works really great in a mug though.  And with just a little bit of cream, you easily have enough lather for a minimum of 5 passes.  When I say a little goes a long way, I really mean it.

Oh and the shave?  I shaved with my Weber DLC and Personna Medical Lab blades, and today I had the smoothest shave I’ve had in a long time.  Totally BBS (baby butt smooth).  This stuff lubricates your face so good that the blade just glides across.  And it all rinses clean as well.  Scent and all.  So at the end, you have nothing on your face.  No soap scum, no scent, and no whiskers.

That, my friends, is a perfect shave.

So yeah, Taylor of Old Bond Street Avocado Shaving Cream is relatively cheap, and well worth the money.  Go get some and try it out!