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Review: Gilbert Henry Bay Rum Aftershave Splash

Gilbert Henry Bay Rum Aftershave Splash

Gilbert Henry Bay Rum Aftershave Splash

I’m a lucky guy.  Today I am lucky for so many reasons it’s almost unfair.  First of all, this month marks the TWO YEAR anniversary of the Bay Rum Diaries.  I love that I get to do this.  I love that I get to try more aftershaves, soaps, and creams than most guys even knew existed.  And being able to review them is such an honor.

I have been away for a while.  First came a business trip to India for most of December (I did pick up a few reviewable shaving products), and then I had a couple other personal things that kept me away.  But I am back, and man do I have a great product to tell you about today: Gilbert Henry Bay Rum Aftershave Splash.  Let’s just get right to this shall we?

I have a few products from Gilbert Henry that I am going to be reviewing, but today I chosen the Bay Rum Aftershave Splash as a tribute to how I started this blog exactly two years ago.  What got this all started was a sampler of bay rum aftershaves that I ordered online.  This splash brought me right back to those exciting days, when bay rum was a new thing to me, and each day led to a discovery of just how wide-ranging the “bay rum” scent could be.  I soon discovered that bay rum is a great vehicle to show the maker’s creativity.  Is it going to be citrusy?  Is it going to be woodsy?  How about sweet or smoky?  Bright or dark?  Since it’s not a perfectly defined scent, its completely open to interpretation and that is really exciting when you’re trying one out for the first time.

This splash comes in an apothecary bottle, with some nice modern design on the outside.  And its clear you need to give this stuff a good shake as there are natural elements in it that will settle.  I like that.  It tells me this stuff has got guts.

The splash burns a little when it hits your face, as it is an alcohol-based splash.  But it’s not quite as much a sting as, say HTGAM or Captain’s Choice Cat-O-Nine Tails.  Just a nice little smack in the face.  Let’s call it an admonishment for forgetting to take your time with your shave.

The scent starts really spicy, with a woody backdrop to it.  And there is a slight hint of citrus and a warm clove note as well.  Clove is interesting, because some people love it and some hate it.  In bay rum, it is very close to the the bay scent, and acts to draw out that aspect of the scent profile.  That’s why I am one who does not mind the clove addition to any bay rum.  But whats really nice about this scent is that it evolves as your morning goes on.  Bay rums don’t last too long, and this one is not much different, but while it is there, it is really nice.  It’s not a beat-you-over-the-head bay rum.  It’s warm and mellow, and I do think that mostly due to the sandalwood backdrop.  It’s really nice.

And a nice bonus to this bay rum is the additional ingredients like Sunflower seed oil, which moisturizes and protects without being greasy.  Theres also Provitamin B5 and Vitamin E, which help soften and heal the skin after the war it just went through with your razor, you brute.  I must say, I have been using this product for a few days now, and I actually do notice how soft the skin feels and how it’s not dry or greasy, it’s just right.  I’m quite impressed.

Overall, if you’re a bay rum fan, you should try this stuff out.  It’s really a nice, warm, slightly woody scent, that gives your face a really nice treatment to start your day with.

Keep an eye here on the diaries, as I will have more Gilbert Henry reviews coming soon.  You would be amazed at how many products I have sitting around here that still need to be reviewed.  Must get to work on them.  Thanks guys!

Review: Barrister & Mann Kyovu Aftershave Splash – Bay Rum

Barrister & Mann Kyovu Aftershave Splash - Bay Rum

Barrister & Mann Kyovu Aftershave Splash – Bay Rum

Ahh the life of a fake pirate is good.  There’s nothing like pretending to be on an old pirate ship, completely not at sea, nor smelling the salty air.  I also am very lucky because don’t have to pay attention to the upkeep of our cannons, mainly due to the fact that I don’t have any.  But what I do have is this incredible aftershave on my face that makes me think that indeed I am sailing the seas in search of rum, women, and booty.  Often the latter two are one in the same.

Today’s smell is one I often wear.  Barrister & Mann’s Kyovu Aftershave Splash in Bay Rum.  Kyovu comes in three scents:  Bay Rum, Seville (the scent of which I have already given a tremendous amount of love), and Cheshire, which is a lovely patchouli-based scent.  But this bay rum.  Yeah, it’s awesome.  Yet another take on bay rum that is just outrageously good.

First off, it’s alcohol free.  So this should reside right at the front line of your “My skin is a bit irritated today” aftershaves.  And for a splash, this has a lot of botanical ingredients that make this feel like you just put on a balm.  It starts out with two of the best ingredients for aftershaves:  witch hazel and aloe.  Awesome.  And then there are a half dozen or so botanicals, like lavender water, willow bark extract, Qinoa extract, cucumber water…  I could go on.  The ingredients list is very large, and for the most part they are not the hard-to-pronounce chemicals.  It’s just a large list of botanicals.  Really really awesome.  And it definitely feels that way when you put it on.  Ingredients-wise, I friggin love this stuff.  One special ingredient is panthenol, a powerful redness reducer and moisturizer.  And yes, it does reduce redness, which can come in handy considering how often you shred your neck with that blade.  Easy son…

As for the scent.  Here we have a really nice take on bay rum.  Luckily the maker of this stuff lists out his bay rum scent profile:

a rich, spicy blend of West Indie Bay oil, Sweet Orange Oil, Styrax Benzoin (a warm, woody vanilla scent) and a touch of Cinnamon

Let me tell you something… That is a really great blend.  No clove, and no christmas potpourri worries here.  Strait up bay with that orange/cinnamon scent.  Now the benzoin, which you don’t see too often, is a damn-near perfect ingredient for this profile.  That woody/vanilla base is just right up my alley for what I like in a bay rum.  And it’s something I’m going to look for in future bay rum purchases.  The combination is a really spicy warm sweet bay rum.  Really really awesome stuff.

And let me tell you something.  I have all three scents.  You really should at least order a sample of this Kyovu stuff.  I feel strongly that you will love it.  If bay rum is not your thing, then don’t even think twice about trying the Seville scent.  I can’t get enough.

Review: Pinaud Clubman – Virgin Island Bay Rum Aftershave

Pinaud Clubman - Virgin Island Bay Rum Aftershave

Pinaud Clubman – Virgin Island Bay Rum Aftershave

Well, this one is a classic.  This was not included in my original bay rum sampler set, but considering how cheap it was, and also how many people love it, I knew that a purchase was in my immediate future.

I gotta say, the Pinaud Clubman Virgin Island Bay Rum Aftershave bottle has some push and pull.  I really love the classy old pirate ship and old-style look of the bottle.  It looks manly, like I could throw some of this on and then appear in the next barroom brawl.  Sadly it’s a plastic bottle.  On the plus side tho it has a little hole at the top to allow for a good sprinkling of the product into your palm.

The bottle says “As refreshing as an island breeze”.  You know what?  That’s damn true.  This stuff says “splash me on” and splash is a real apt word for this stuff.  So I just splashed it on and it felt fantastic.  It’s cool with some kickass burn on your rough spots.  And while your face sizzles for a few seconds, you get the deep penetrating rush of the scent.

The scent is a great great bay rum scent.  It starts off with a bit of citrus and quickly shifts to an excellent blend of bay rum and cinnamon.  It’s strongest going on and fades pretty quickly, which is what I expected.  I’d say that it’s meant to be a quick fight.  A blast of bay rum and alcohol with some deep spice to it.  Like an old west saloon brawl, it want’s to get the job done like a man, and then let you ride off. And as you move on, you’ll get little wafts of the scent to remind you of that fun punchup you had in the morning.

As for the ingredients, this is not your artisan organic all-natural bay rum.  It’s got a good share of chemicals.  But hell, it is what it is.  Does it feel great?  Yup!  Does it feel manly?  Yup!  Alright, partner, we’ll leave it at that.

Get yourself some Pinaud Clubman Virgin Island Bay Rum Aftershave at Amazon.com!

Review: Superior 70 – Bay Rum Aftershave

Superior 70 - Bay Rum Aftershave

Superior 70 – Bay Rum Aftershave

Bay Rum aftershaves can be hard to find at brick and mortar stores.  Ever since I discovered the fragrance, I have been keeping an eye out for it, with little luck.  Almost everything I have tried has been purchased online.

But last week, while getting lunch at a deli in Brooklyn New York, I spotted a couple bottles of the infamous Superior 70 Bay Rum Aftershave sitting on a shelf behind the counter next to a couple cans of Gillette.  I asked the clerk how much it was and he said “Two dollars”.  Well, how could I resist, right?  A giant 12 ounce bottle for $2.  So I pulled out two bucks and bought a bottle.

So today, I had an excellent shave with my Gillette Fatboy adjustable safety razor set to 5, which is a little bit on the agressive side, with Personna Medical Prep blades.  Those blades are simply awesome, but this is a review for the aftershave. 😉

So yes, I did have a little bit of irritation on my neck, and knowing that Superior 70 is 65% SD alcohol, I knew I was in for a jolt.  I wasn’t wrong.  Superior 70 goes on very cool with a good razor burn that’ll make your toes curl.  If you like your aftershave to burn ya going on, this is a great candidate for you.

The scent is a typical bay rum scent, with perhaps a bit of cinnamon in the mix.  It fades quite fast, however if you later put your hands up to your nose, you’ll still get a whiff of it.  But, indeed this is an aftershave splash that does it’s job, smells good for you while the burn calms down, then goes it’s own way.

This isn’t the highest quality bay rum.  I’m not even sure it has any moisturizers.  The scent isn’t all that complex.  And the plastic bottle kinda sucks.  But at $2 (or even cheaper), you simply can’t go wrong if you want an alcohol-based eye-opening bay rum scented aftershave splash.

You can order some Superior 70 Bay Rum Aftershave through Amazon.com!

Review: Royall Lyme Bermuda – Royall Bay Rhum Lotion

Royall Lyme Bermuda - Royall Bay Rhum Lotion

Royall Lyme Bermuda – Royall Bay Rhum Lotion

This was another of what I considered to be “top shelf” bay rums.  So, as with the last few that I have tried, I was very excited to try this one out today.  After a nice shave with my 1960 Gillette Fatboy set to 3, I reached for the Royall and splashed a little more than half the vial onto my palm and then onto my face, just like most of the rest.  I like saving that last little drop as a touch-up before I go out.  I know I’ll be a little more aggressive with the bay rum once I decide which one I will buy in a regular bottle, but for now, just a little splashy to get an idea.

Royall Lyme Bay Rhum Lotion/Cologne goes on with a very quick cool sensation followed immediately with a nice warm feeling.  There is a bit of bite, but it’s a warm draw rather than a stinging smack.

As for the scent, Royall also seems a bit unique.  It’s a warm scent too, very earthy and citrusy.  I am not a master fragrancer so I can’t tell you what earthy notes were there up front, but I can tell you what I think it might be.  I felt a bit of orange mixed with clove, along with something woody, all mixed with a wonderful bay rum aroma.  It was a pretty complex scent, and the top notes are really well matched with the middle notes.  So, what I’m saying is that the crisp and spicy start settles into a very warm, earthy, bay rummy deliciousness.

Overall, this is a warm, spicy, and complex bay rum that does a wonderful job.  My skin also feels pretty darn fine afterwards.  Oh, one other thing.  This product states that it is “touched with a breeze of menthol”.  I’m not sure I picked up on it, and if it is there, it is surely a “touch”.

(This review is of a sample decant of the original product, and as such I cannot guarantee that the sample contained the appropriate mixture of the original ingredients.)

Review: Lucia Bay – Bay Rum Face & Body Spash

Lucia Bay - Bay Rum Face & Body Splash

Lucia Bay
Bay Rum Face & Body Splash

Alright, so after a disappointing shave from my straight (a Dovo Best Quality) and a great finish with my DE (a Merkur 34C HD with Feather blades), I did my normal post-shave routine.  This starts with a cold alum rub (razorrock), followed by a toner (Neutrogena).  After that has dried, I went and splashed on my first bay rum – Lucia Bay Rum.  It was a nice cold splash but not as strong an alcohol feel as you might expect.

As for the scent, it was light, and citrusy when it my face.  It dried up really quick, and it feels like wherever it went, it took the majority of the bay rum scent with it.  However, it does linger ever so slightly when I turn my head or smell my hands.  I suppose it’s not that bad.  My skin feels very soft and nice, with just that very slight hint of the manly bay rum scent.  

Not a bad start to these diaries, and not a bad introduction to bay rum, although I find myself wishing there was just a little more oomph to it.  However, it is labeled a splash and not an aftershave, and I suppose as a splash, its nice and refreshing!

I only used half the vial, so I suppose that I might give this another shot after having tried a few other brands and see how I feel about it then.  But, for now, I find myself pretty pleased with Lucia Bay Rum.

(This review is of a sample decant of the original product, and as such I cannot guarantee that the sample contained the appropriate mixture of the original ingredients.)