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Review: The Holy Black – Sandalwood Smoke Shaving Soap

The Holy Black - Sandalwood Smoke Shaving Soap

The Holy Black – Sandalwood Smoke Shaving Soap

Oh man…

So a little over a month ago I was lucky enough to be invited to participate in the NYC Shave Meetup.  I met so many awesome people, not only shavers but many producers of products as well.  And one of the best parts about this meetup was the amount of swag we all took home.

I took home a LOT of swag.  Enough to do reviews for a year at least (or 3+ years by how often I have updated lately.. sorry all 😉

So yes, I got a lot of stuff, and I wanted to start out with probably my favorite of everything I took home:  The Holy Black – Sandalwood Smoke Shaving Soap.

I don’t even know where to start.  But let’s just talk theme here.  Being that I am a fake pirate, who pretends to sail the seas in his fake ship, it’s pretty dang obvious that this stuff is themed perfectly for my shave den.  I love the black distressed tin.  I love it.  I love that there were some soaps sold by The Holy Black that had a treasure hunt involved, where one soap went out with an actual doubloon buried deep inside the soap.  I friggin love that.

But coins in the soap aside:  The scent of this stuff… man… Sandalwood Smoke is just about as grit-manly as it gets.  It’s an amazing scent.  Hands down, my current favorite scent.  And it’s not over the top, it’s not too smokey.  It’s definitely a well-rounded sandalwood with just the perfect amount of smoke to make it delicious; not like you sat next to the campfire too long, but like you just came from somewhere you should not have left.

The performance is excellent.  On par with any great soap you have in your collection.  It didn’t matter which brush or technique I have used on it, and I have used several badgers and my boar, and each time, whether face-lathering or bowl-lathering, I have gotten a great thick and slick lather every time.  And the lather lasts through all three passes if you go that far.  If I could offer any advice: you don’t need too much water.  This stuff lathers up incredibly well with very little work need.  The soap is primarily made with coconut oil and steric acid.

One mistake I made at the meetup was that I did not get the matching aftershave.  I am going to be correcting that asap.