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Review: Taylor of Old Bond Street – Bay Rum Aftershave

Taylor of Old Bond Street - Bay Rum Aftershave

Taylor of Old Bond Street – Bay Rum Aftershave

Ahhh Taylor of Old Bond Street.  These folks are no newcomers to the game.  Their Avocado shaving cream is one of my two favorites (Mitchell’s Wool Fat is the other), and judging by their luxurious shaving cream, I was excited to try out their bay rum.

Taylor of Old Bond Street’s Bay Rum Aftershave went on very cool and did provide some biting feedback to some of the more aggressive blade strokes from my shave.  Yup, this one has more kick to it.

The scent is delicious.  It’s classic bay rum (classic so far as I can tell), with hints of clove and citrus on top.  As the top notes quickly fade, a warmer and spicer bay rum scent pervades, but it’s as gentle as it is spicy.  This is an easygoing scent that doesn’t last all that long (hour to two hours at best), so you may need some touchups throughout the day if you really want to carry the scent with you.

Overall it’s a delicious scent, and a great performing aftershave.  Of note though, is the fact that this comes in a plastic bottle.  Having seen many bay rums that come in either fancy or vintage looking glass bottles, and even one brand that comes in a metal flask, Taylor of Old Bond Street could (and should) do better than plastic.  But they do have a reputation for the quality of their actual products, not so much the packaging, which is somewhat unfortunate.  If the aftershaves are close in quality, I’d -definitely- go for one with better packaging.

(This review is of a sample decant of the original product, and as such I cannot guarantee that the sample contained the appropriate mixture of the original ingredients.)